Cathays remains unbeaten and once again ranks as the most crime-ridden area in Cardiff

In the first two months of 2023 over 1,000 crimes were committed

Cathys has once again ranked as the area of Cardiff with the highest crime rate.

South Wales Police has released the latest crime statistics for the first two months of 2023, which sees Cathays retain its crown as the most crime-ridden area in Cardiff.

A total of 1,132 crimes have been committed in Cathays so far this year, with 607 of those occurring in February alone.

Out of the February crimes, 196 were violence and sexual offences, followed by 84 shoplifting, 69 anti-social behaviour and 51 public order offences.

Although, it must be mentioned that the area boundary defined as “Cathays” includes Bute Park and the city centre.

Cathays figures are significantly higher compared with other areas within Cardiff such as Heath at 125, 55 in Llandaff and 209 in Fairwater.

The most common crimes committed in Cathays and Cardiff in general are violence and sexual offences which were recorded 12,451 times in 2022.

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