GP had a sexual relationship with a 14 year old girl whilst he was a Uni of Wales student

The relationship began over MSN when she was 10 years old

A GP has been struck off after having had a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old girl whilst he was studying medicine at the University of Wales.

Dr Ravish Roy is accused of having a relationship with the girl since she was the age of 10 which is said to have begun over MSN.

Dr Roy, at the time, was a medical student at the University of Wales before becoming a “well-respected” GP at High Road Surgery in Leytonstone, London. He became sexually involved with the girl when she was at the age of 14 and after becoming an adult, she reported the relationship to the authorities, a medical tribunal heard.

The woman, referred to as Ms A, reported Dr Ravish Roy to the General Medical Council after he had worked as a GP for 16 years. The Council held a medical tribunal to investigate the claims and it reported he was a 23-year-old university student when he began sexual relations with the then 14-year-old.

However, Ms A said she was 10 when communication started with Roy after she she made an account on MSN Messenger. By the time Ms A was 11 years old, they spoke almost daily through the platform.

Wales Onxline reported that during the trial, Ms A claimed: “Dr Roy had a jealous nature and would be possessive if I brought up other boys.”

She had also promised that no other boys would be at her 11th or 12th birthday party if he were to come after she invited him. The two reportedly met for the first time when Ms A was 13 and they attended an event together.

Ms A said to the court: “I knew when we met that Dr Roy found me attractive as he kept complimenting me on how ‘beautiful’ and ‘sexy’ I looked. The next day I wore a pair of jeans and I remember that he complimented the way my bum looked. He told me I had an amazing ‘boonka’, which was an expression for bum he commonly used, which he picked up from a TV show we both used to watch called My Wife and Kids.”

At the same event, Ms A claimed Dr Roy had encouraged her to drink wine and apparently later placed her on his lap and hugged her and kissed her several times all over her hair and face and continued to tell her how “sexy” and “randy” she looked.

Roy also allegedly said she was going to be his wife along with other comments such as “I love you” and that she “looked at least 18 years old” as well as sending her a peculiar poem with highly inappropriate details of him fantasising about her in her school uniform and playing between her legs.

Roy and Ms A allegedly “had a full adult sexual relationship”, slept in his car, smoked cigarettes and he asked her to perform oral sex on him.

In 2018, Ms A sent Roy a message saying: “I have had to explain our relationship to people since and I’ve had a lot of overwhelming concern at the fact that I had a 23-year-old boyfriend when I was 14. I’m absolutely horrified at the things that happened between us.”

Shortly afterwards, Dr Roy admitted “unacceptable behaviour” and apologised for “sexualised comments” but he denied any allegations of sexual contact saying there was only ever a “kiss on the cheek or a hug but was never sexual until she was an adult”. However, the recent tribunal found that Ms A was a credible witness and that her claims of sexual misconduct were proven.

Roy has not been convicted of a criminal offence as there was no evidence that he had behaved “sexually inappropriately” since his relationship with Ms A. His representative, Anthony Haycroft spoke to the tribunal and claimed Dr Roy was “certainly not paedophilic” and had been in “normal adult relationships”.

Ian Brook, for the General Medical Council, said Dr Roy “groomed Ms A” and their relationship deprived her of “normal childhood experiences”.

The tribunal found his conduct was “persistent and serious” and the panel ordered his name be erased from the medical register.

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