World of Warcraft

Mark Liu: Week 3

MARK re-enacts a scene from Mean Girls and has an online affair with a brick-layer from Leeds – all in the name of feminism.

Alex Bower

Muscovy Magic Mushrooms, World of Warcraft and I Just Had Sex. It’s a day in the life of ALEX BOWER.

Mark Liu Blockbuster Approaches

Senior News Reporter PAPATYA SUTCLIFFE investigates exciting rumours of a new film by renowned Auteur and lothario Mark Liu.

Best Comments: Week 7

The best of this week’s comments. Indulge yourself and get your weekly frisson from the home grown comedians of The Tab’s comment section.

Why Women Are Bad At World Of Warcraft

Youtube sensation Mark Liu decides to find out why it is that women cannot possibly be treated as equals in World of Warcraft.

Get Your Game On

MATT O’KANE on why gaming is OK.

Tangled in the Web

The Tab’s poll results are in and it’s official: the Internet has become an addiction. RAYMOND LI investigates.