Week Five

Everything you’d do if Cambridge had a Reading Week

Imagine going to a university that didn’t treat you as an essay-writing robot

What’s On Week Five!

Slim pickings this week, but no excuses not to put down that revision and head out for some fun in the Culture sun

Week Five Rescue Food

LEAF ARBUTHNOT gives us her finest selection of comfort food recipes to banish the Week Five blues.


Deputy Editor JOHN BARDSLEY on how failure is your best option in week five.

Lucy Butterfield

This week, Saturday isn’t Treat Day. Saturday is sick day.

Cambridge – Give Us A Break!

There’s no denying that Cambridge is a wonderful experience, but sometimes it would be nice to have time to appreciate it.

Petite Envy

With the onset of Week 5 self-loathing, ELLIE PITHERS attacks the Petite Girl.

Review: Macbeth

LOTTIE UNWIN is unsurprised Macbeth does nothing to cheer her up.