Gown-wearing Catz student assaulted on Silver Street

The incident has been linked to the burning of a £20 note

Missing the city

Moving from a big city to Cambridge can be a culture shock

How to get the most out of your gown

A gown is for life, not just matriculation

From Town to Gown: bridging the gap

Sleeping with the Enemy

Tab Tries: SantaCon

Enjoy an alcoholic beverage or two? Take pleasure in dressing as Father Christmas? Revel in a crowd of strangers combining the two? Join SOPHIA VAHDATI who tried out SantaCon, the festive, wholesome answer to the Slut Walk.

Boxing: The Cut Above

JOHN WALKER lets us now how the boxers are getting on in the build-up to Varsity.

Gown Bring Down Town To Take Boxing Crown

Gown beat Town 7-3, but on a night of hardly-fought contests the final scoreline flattered the victors somewhat.

Sidney Frowns Upon Gowns In Town

Sidney Freshers are being shown a video warning them of the dangers of wearing gowns and tuxes to clubs.

Profile: Peat’s Streets

Meet Peat: harpist, jester, and fellow Cambridge resident. He discusses student antics, the busking trade and romantic gestures with KATIE MAIR.

Mr Scruff

JEFF CARPENTER is underwhelmed by the ‘wonderful man’ that is Mr Scruff.