Drones come to Cambridge

Cambridge is set to see unmanned drones for the first time in its history. Be afraid.

Tab Tries: Flavoured Condoms

Tired of the monotonous taste of regular condoms? MELISSA JONES is here to explore the more exotic variety…

A Vicious Cycle

FELIX NUGEE explains how finding his stolen bike wasn’t enough.

Tab Tries: Working in a Sex Shop

ROSA ROBSON uses The Tab as an excuse to flex her voyeuristic muscles and venture into the secretive world of ‘the sex shop’.


LEAF ARBUTHNOT spends some serious downtime in the little corner of California right here in Cambridge.

Cath Kidston Store

LEAF ARBUTHNOT spends some comforting time in the new Cath Kidston store on Market Street.

The Haunted Bookshop

This hidden gem, full of “teetering piles of second-hand poetry” is discovered by EMILIE FERRIS.

Robert Smith: Culture Vulture

Culture is happening all around us. If you can’t be arsed to find it yourself, our resident Culture Vulture has found it for you.