second year

Is it ok to leave Cambridge without a job?

When you forget that you’ll need some way to start paying back these student loans

The freedom that is life in a second year house

Big Brother can’t reach me here. For now.

The types of housemates you’ll have to live with in second year

Choose them wisely

Reflections of a Second Year in Denial

Two years in and still leaving everything to the last minute, maybe next year things will look up (probably not)

The Sunday Serial: Episode 3 – Disappointment

In which Archie and Tom engage in more alcoholic antics and Simon is let down by The Tab…

Fit College: St John’s VS Peterhouse

Fit College is back! This week it’s a David and Goliath clash between super-sized St John’s and puny Peterhouse.

Physics Phuck-Up

A Part IB NatSci paper had students in a tangle this weekend when it set two faulty questions to which there were no correct answers.