Running around Cambridge

In a sporty way not a panic way

Which Taylor Swift song is your College?

Cambridge’s rich history has met its match. Academia, architecture and alumni are all great but OMG did you see who Taylor left Cindies with last night?

The Joy of Sax

JONNY WATKINS adores sax solos, and he thinks you should too.

Essential Choons

With Week 1 now like, so last week, MAYA HAMMY provides some essential choonage to congratulate you on all your hard work.

Wretch 32

SAM MELLOR is left surprised by an artist who oozes swagger.

Katy B

COSMO GODFREE: Feels alienated from the critically aclaimed musician.

Noah and the Whale

PETE SKIDMORE gets completely blown away by these cheery indie chappies.

Let’s Whisper and Tender Trap

DAVID HOLLAND checks out some girl pop in a pub.

Noah and the Whale

MONA EBERT & ERIC HAMBRO check out Noah and the Whale: “Old debut album tracks were successfully rejuvenated, and the collective harmonies gave earlier collaborations with Laura Marling a run for their money.”

The Naked & Famous

BEN WEISZ on The Naked & Famous: ‘with better techies, theirs will be the must-have sound at any festival this summer’.

Itchy Feet

TALIA RICHARD-CARVAJAL: ‘Possessed with the Spirit of Jazz’s cooler brother, the Ghost of Groove, the floor was a mass of Cheshire Cat grins and flailing limbs’.

Music Listings: Week 4

Our music editors bring you week 4’s musical offerings.

Gig Guide: Week 2

The Tab brings you full listings of all things musical happening this week.

The Human League

COTTIA THOROWGOOD: “Although the tangible fusion between performers and audience was based as much on solidarity of years as much as the music itself, the catchy beats dragged us to the dance floor”

Tab Interview: The Human League

University is ‘way more important than sitting in a bank and doing a normal job for three years.’ Susan Ann Sulley, member of electro-pop legends THE HUMAN LEAGUE tells KATIE FORSTER about her failed dreams of academia.


HOLLY STEVENSON: ‘Despite being on the soundtrack of almost every American teen drama you can think of, Joel Pott’s song to his prematurely born daughter still retains all of its power.’

Is Pop Porn?

MAX DURSTON asks whether Lady Gaga’s pop videos are hypersexualised, or just a bit weird.