New Hall

Exclusive: Medwards will accept all trans women as students

Students previously had to be legally recognised as women under the Gender Recognition Act

What Premier League team is your college?

Ever wondered what Premier League team your college is? Of course you haven’t, but here’s a list that has been assembled through years of scientific research and looking in the historical archives for new college stereotypes.

Holly’s Highlights: Week 8

It’s week 8 – you’ve made it! Culture Editor HOLLY STEVENSON is here to guide you around the best events of the week, and give you a celebratory pat on the back.

Fit College: New Hall v Newnham

The girls fight it out in this week’s contest.

Is Cambridge Sexist?

Deputy Editor ELLIE PITHERS investigates why girls at Cambridge should try to “write like a boy”.

2010 Garden Party Guide

The definitive guide to Garden Parties in May Week 2010.

JC faRce: Involvement In Student Politics Plummets

A survey of 20 colleges’ JCR elections by The Tab this week revealed students’ unwillingness to get involved in the dreary world of student politics.

Art Attack

Armageddon, acid house raves, a jar of solidified wank? HOLLY STEVENSON investigates the weird and wonderful world of creativity in Cambridge.

Fit College: New Hall v Newnham

Which would you…? New Hall take on Newnham to battle it out for the title of fit college. VOTE NOW!

You Know It’s The End Of Term When…

Your clothes stink, you’re stealing pennies out of the tips in Nero’s and lectures are a hazy memory.