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Columnists Revealed – Lent 2012

Time to find out the names you’ve all been waiting for…

Sophie Thorpe

SOPHIE THORPE addresses her anonymous commenters in her last ever column.

Mark Liu Blockbuster Approaches

Senior News Reporter PAPATYA SUTCLIFFE investigates exciting rumours of a new film by renowned Auteur and lothario Mark Liu.

Lexi Abrams

LEXI ABRAMS on the student protest: “most were just using the protest as an excuse to sack off a day of work and have fun”.

Lexi Abrams

“When one is in a costume of whatever guise, the past week’s academic and social stresses don’t really matter; it’s all about the moment.”

Best Comments: Week One

Every day, The Tab’s loyal readers invest the site with their own choice words, some more choice than others. Read our pick of the site’s best comments here.

Lexi Abrams

“I want to see people doing something bloody stupid – the world becomes a better place when people lose their inhibitions to look good.”