Columnists Revealed – Lent 2012

Time to find out the names you’ve all been waiting for…

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The wait is over.

It takes a lot of guts to follow in the footsteps of a Sophie Thorpe, a Tom Rasmussen, a Hugo Cobb, a Lexi Abrams. A Tab columnist’s life is never the same again.

Here are the brave souls you’ll be loving, hating, praising and slating for the next term:


‘It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single epileptic of no fortune must be in want of a life.’

Anna scribbles about things you might have thought but have too great a sense public of shame to share.

Whet your appetite, or yourself, as she bursts through embarrassment straight into humiliation and truth. Pack a spare pair of knickers and jump aboard the good ship cringe! Oh, wait, that rhymes with something…

READ Anna’s first column.



After venting about The X Factor every week last term, Rob has finally grown to Level 36, evolved into a proper columnist, and learned Hyper Beam. Join him for pop-culture inspired silliness, occasional thoughtfulness and unrivalled YouTube linkage. Above all, prepare to unleash the niche.

READ Rob’s first column.



Critically acclaimed by Varsity for her “verbal poise” and by The Tab for the ability “to look worried and eat crisps”, Lucy will be meeting our readers head-on in relentless pursuit of love, good hair dye, and Domino’s vouchers in equal measure.

When she’s not trawling Facebook in the library, you might find her eating raisin wheats and catching up on Eastenders in her favourite owl onesie. She looks forward to your comments.

Check The Tab on Tuesday for Lucy’s first column.



Our society man brings you the stories that you need a mask to tell properly – the tales under the tails.

He’s in the Pitt Club, in the Union and the Hawks’ – some of you might have shaken his hand, or admired his well-chosen society tie.

His column with The Tab is a chance to gently chide the grubbier elements of Cambridge society – something to do between dinner and cigars.

Check The Tab on Friday for The Tattler’s first column.