Kings College Chapel

REVIEW: King’s Affair

LUKE HEPPENSTALL-WEST thoroughly enjoyed pretending to be one of the kids who were too cool to hang out with him in school

King’s Chapel must be demolished in 2015

It’s a symbol of oppression

2015 is going to be the best year ever: highlights

LUKE HEPENSTALL-WEST tells us how 2015 is quite literally going to blow your mind

Mary of Egypt: Behind the Scenes

DANIEL LEWIS and TabTV meet the team who are bringing opera to Kings College Chapel

The Sunday Serial: Episode 6

The Sleepy Corridor is settling into the new rhythm of Christmas with the stranger. A strange calm reigns. This can’t last forever. Join OLD DAL for the calm before the storm…

Let’s Get Classical

TOMMY SHANE explores classical music in Cambridge, and implores you all to not knock it ’till you’ve tried it.

Parsifal (Act III) and La Damoiselle Elue

Sir Mark Elder’s Parsifal took the splendor of Kings College Chapel to new heights for HARRY DADSWELL

A Britten Celebration

GABRIELLA FLATT is impressed by the sensitivity of King’s Britten Celebration.

Alison Balsom

ALISON BALSOM: “the more depressing the world becomes, the more people will look for an experience which is slightly more profound than the immediate satisfaction of ‘fast-food’ entertainment…and that’s where classical music comes in.”

Richard Lloyd Morgan’s Schwanengesang

SASHA MILLWOOD is dubious as Richard Lloyd Morgan and Bill Lloyd struggled to overcome the cavernous acoustic of King’s College Chapel.

Interview: Sir Richard Armstrong

A week on from his outstanding concert, JOE BATES talks to SIR RICHARD ARMSTRONG about Cambridge students and ‘goddam stupid’ composers.

The Dream of Gerontius

ANTHONY FRIEND tells how, despite its lack of theatricality, The Dream of Gerontius a was compelling and sensitive performance.

Classical Music: The Best of Lent Term

JOE BATES launches the new classical music column and tells you why Elgar’s Gerontius, the visit of Libor Pesek and an interesting marriage of Figaro and Facebook mean that Cambridge concert-goers are in for a treat.

Review: Voice Recital at Caius

LIZZIE BENNETT: ‘Saturday’s concert was not just about two talented musicians presenting an evening recital; it was one…which aims to “bring people together, to connect dreams, aims, lives.”

Review: Maundy Thursday Music at Kings

JOE CONWAY: ‘Like the very spirit of Maundy Thursday this programme posed questions and raised issues, but provided no happy endings.’