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Defo Obama amirite?

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Following the scent of April-foolery, The Tab has hunted down all the stories put out by the Cambridge colleges, press and societies in the hopes of deceiving innocent, revision-addled Cantabs.

We’ve lost the battle for No Platforming

We can’t have a sensible conversation about no platforming. Here’s how we can try to move on.

Germaine Greer is a massive hater

She is a bizarre human being

‘No such thing as transphobia’: Greer stuns Union members

Be in no doubt: Germaine Greer can still seriously ‘kick ass’

Why I’ll be watching Germaine Greer at the Union

Despite the fact she’s transphobic, we should still listen to what she has to say

Slippery Nipples

HOLLY STEVENSON investigates whether Carla Bruni going braless was an example of brazen glory or, put simply, a boob.

Art Attack

Armageddon, acid house raves, a jar of solidified wank? HOLLY STEVENSON investigates the weird and wonderful world of creativity in Cambridge.

Lottie Unwin: Drama Queen

Our resident Drama Queen’s guide to what’s on in Week 1

Touch My Books

Germaine Greer thinks the UL is now a “beacon of naffness”. DAVID DRAKE encourages her to embrace her inner child.