You’re fat, get over it

You might be fat, but your real problem is you’re a moron.

The Tab Guide To Occupying Your Time This Christmas

Finding it difficult to do anything other than eat and gaze pensively this vacation? BETH SWORDS shows us how to banish over-indulgence and underwhelming revelations.

Rosie Hore: Week 6

ROSIE goes through the job interview from hell. In her underwear.

Lent Bumps 2012: Day Five Round-Up

LENT BUMPS: The competition drew to a close on Saturday, with Downing and Caius retaining their headships as the blades and spoons were dished out.

Tab Tries: Hot Yoga

NICK SINCLAIR gets hot hot hot…

Fashion’s Little Weight Problem

The unshakable obsession with the Size Zero.

Lucy Butterfield

LUCY BUTTERFIELD’s year has got off to a great start.

Bust The Gut Rut With Leaf

Resident cooking guru LEAF ARBUTHNOT transforms the five-a-day from chore to treat and chases the pounds away.

Anyone’s Game On The River

ROWING: The river is wide open this term, as novices replace those trialling, says JONATHAN FUHRMANN.

Resolution Next Year

EMILY GARSIDE walked through the doors of her local gym on the 2nd of January, and heard the slim blonde receptionist turn to her colleague and say: ‘Give it two weeks before they all give up’.

Rowing Update: Who Is Hot For Fairbairns?

JONATHAN FUHRMANN brings the latest news from the river, and bravely predicts which colleges look good for the Fairbairn Cup.

Easter Rowing So Far

For the real hardcore boaties out there, it just doesn’t stop after Lents. From Cardinals to Kingston, The Tab takes a look at all the recent rowing action.

Agony Aunt: Inappropriate Partners

Like them pre-pubescent or post-obesity? L and L, our resident advisors tell you how to deal.