VOTE NOW: Cambridge’s Top 75 BNOCs 2024 revealed

It’s now up to you to decide the top 10…

To whoever wrote “BNOC LIST WHEN?!?!?” on Camfess, thank you for prompting me to take my duty to Cambridge students seriously. In celebration of the worst week of the year (week five of Lent term) finally being over, voting for Cambridge’s top 10 BNOCs of 2024 is now open.

After eight hours of sorting, a few tears, and help from a stem student who doesn’t find spreadsheets as intimidating as I do, almost 900 nominations have been narrowed down to 75 names. I will now pass over to you to decide which of them will make the final top ten.

How it works:

All you have to do is this: select every name you recognise on this google form. You can only submit the form once, so make sure you fill it out correctly the first time.

It doesn’t matter how little you know someone – if you recognise a name, tick that box!

My favourite justification for a nomination was “follows us around at every Wednesday revs” and that is a perfect example of the kind of person you should be selecting if you see their name come up.

Voting closes at midnight on Friday 1st March, so have your say now!

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