Cambridge students left embarrassed on University Challenge after forgetting UK had left EU

Let’s hope they’re not studying politics


University Challenge host Amol Rajan was left in disbelief after contestants from both Trinity College, Cambridge and the Open University forgot that the United Kingdom left the European Union.

When asked to name two countries belonging to both the EU and Commonwealth, contestants from the Open University answered Britain and Malta.

After being told they were wrong, students from Cambridge’s Trinity College offered the United Kingdom and Malta.

It was not until after both teams had answered the question incorrectly, that the host Amol Rajan reminded them both about Brexit, where the UK left the EU following a high-profile referendum in 2016.

via BBC

Rajan said: “I presume you guys have all forgotten about this thing called Brexit? You would have had it between you, it’s Cyprus and Malta. Bad luck.”

The comedic episode comes following discussions over whether it is fair that Oxbridge are allowed to enter multiple teams to the popular quiz show. In an article for The Guardian, Cambridge alumna Lillian Crawford argues the “unfair advantage” of Oxbridge entering teams from different colleges means they are able to dominate the show.

However, after the Brexit blunder, the only thing the Cambridge University Challenge contestants are dominating are jokes on social media.

Featured image via BBC.

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