Everything you need to know about every University of Cambridge college May Ball 2023 - how to get tickets, ticket prices, release date, theme and more.

Your definitive guide to Cambridge May Ball ticket prices

If you’re lost in the sea of May Ball ticket releases, this article is for you

It’s that time of year again. May Ball tickets are being released, club night launch events seem to be happening every week, and Ticketbridge listings are filling up with “want to swap May Ball ticket?” posts already.

But with 31 Cambridge colleges, how can we possibly keep up? Do not fear, this article will tell you all you need to know about dates, prices, and ticketing information for each Cambridge college! Read until the end to find out information on discounted and bursary tickets on offer as well.

This is everything you need to know about all the Cambridge May Ball 2023 tickets and prices:

Everything you need to know about every University of Cambridge college May Ball 2023 - how to get tickets, ticket prices, release date, theme and more.

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To start: dates

Now, with so many May balls it can get very confusing when each one is, so here’s a schedule to help you all out – you’re welcome.

Image credits: Emily McDonagh

From what I can tell, these are the only Cambridge May balls on for 2023, as other colleges like Selwyn and Gonville and Caius don’t have a ball on for this year! Also note that Girton has a Spring Ball, which is taking place on 17th March.

Now let’s go on to see the tickets and information for each of the 21 Cambridge colleges hosting May Balls in 2023!

Girton Spring Ball

Theme: Beyond the Skies

Girton Spring Ball tickets have officially sold out, but you can still join the waitlist via their website.

Girton students and Girton alumni: £135

Tickets for externals: £150

Homerton May Ball

Theme: Eclipse

The initial ticket release for Homerton students has sold out, but the general ticket release is on 1st March at 6 pm on their website.

Homerton students: £135

General release: £150

Robinson May Ball

Theme: Disorderly Conduct

The cheaper early bird release for Robinson students has sold out, but general tickets are still available to purchase.

Robinson, Newnham, and Selwyn students: £135 (+ £3.88 booking fee)

Uni of Cambridge students: £140 (+£4 booking fee)

Sidney Sussex June Event

Theme: Dimensions

Tickets are currently available via their website.

Sidney member: £79.50

Guests: £89.50

Pembroke May Ball

Theme: Nautilus – Into The Depths

Pembroke release is open and tickets can be purchased on their website. General release is on 8th March at 11 am.

Pembroke ticket: £133

Standard ticket: £175

Well… the theme’s been released now, wonder if this person is impressed? (Image credits: Facebook @Pempreciation)

Hughes Hall May Ball

Theme: City of Stars

Tickets go on sale Friday 10th March at 12 pm on their website. It is likely Hughes Hall will also offer discounted bursary tickets, although ticket prices have not been confirmed.

Murray Edwards Garden Party

Theme: Medwards in Wonderland

Tickets are currently on sale for members, and tickets for non-members release on 4th March.

Member tickets – Medwards / New Hall College students: £62

Non-member guest tickets: £72.50

Emmanuel May Event

Theme: Where Lyrics Come to Life

Emma’s May Event has now completely sold out however you can join their waiting list via their website.

Emma student: £110

Non-Emma student: £130

Jesus May Ball

Theme: Bloom

Jesus tickets have now also sold out, however here are the prices in case you are looking for how much they should be going for on resale! You can also join the waiting list on their website.

Internal tickets: £175

External tickets: £190

Trinity May Ball

Trinity May Ball works via applications online. The ticketing window to apply for tickets has now closed, however, the prices are as follows (tickets are only sold in ‘doubles’, which are pairs of tickets):

Trinity students: One double for £410, a second double for £485

University of Cambridge members: Can buy one external double for £485

Everything you need to know about every University of Cambridge college May Ball 2023 - how to get tickets, ticket prices, release date, theme and more.

Hefty price tag, but is it worth it? (Image credits: Holly Sheridan)

Clare May Event

Theme: unreleased (but rumour says that it might be something to do with Murder Mystery)

Clare students and guest ticket release will take place on 8th March.

Clare students: £99

Guests £140

Downing May Ball

Theme: Regency and Revelry

Tickets were released for downing students on 16th February, and were released for all students on 23rd February, and there are still some tickets left!

Student: £179

Non-student: £182

St John’s May Ball

John’s May Ball ticket applications closed for John’s students and guest applications on 12th February, but are now being released for external students at Cambridge – the first release on 28th February at 6 pm, the second release on 4th March at 8 am. Tickets will be sold on a first-come-first-served basis.

John’s students: £210

Guests and students from other colleges: £260

Queens’ May Ball

Tickets for Queens’ May Ball have now sold out.

Queens’ student: £185

Queens’ guest: £195

Newnham Garden Party

Theme: Last Days of Athens

Newnham garden party tickets have been released and are available to purchase online now.

£50 including alcohol

£45 no alcohol

Magdalene May Ball

Magdalene tickets are still on sale and can be purchased via their website.

Magdalene students: £195

Other students and guests: £235

Everything you need to know about every University of Cambridge college May Ball 2023 - how to get tickets, ticket prices, release date, theme and more.

We can all dream! (Image credits: Facebook @Magdfess)

The King’s Affair

Theme: Carnivalesque

Ticket reservation for King’s students has now closed. The general release will be on 2nd March at 4 pm.

King’s member: £99

Guest/ non-King’s students: £135

Trinity Hall June Event

Theme: Reverie

Tickets drop at 5 pm on 1st March on their website.

Standard tickets: £99 (open to all students)

Corpus Christi May Ball

Theme: All the World’s a Stage

Tickets are out now via their website.

Corpus students: £170

Corpus guest and standard Cambridge student tickets: £180

Standard Cambridge student guests: £190

Darwin May Ball

Theme: Will be released at launch on 18th March

Tickets release to be confirmed.

Wolfson May Ball

Theme: an Eclectic Carnival of RetroFuturism

Tickets have been released in waves, the general release is on Thursday 28th February at 7 pm.

Standard Wolfson student tickets: £130

Guests: £130

Colleges with discounted ticket rates

The following colleges also offer discounted tickets for bursary/class act students:

Homerton: Tickets for bursary students at Homerton cost £100

Sidney Sussex: Sidney Class Act students can purchase a ticket for £39.50

Jesus: Tickets for bursary students at Jesus cost £85

Trinity: Bursary students at Trinity can apply for a double ticket for £360

Clare: Clare bursary tickets will cost £50

Downing: Full bursary downing student tickets – £90, full bursary non-Downing student tickets – £135

Newnham: £40 for bursary students

Magdalene: Magdalene bursary students are able to buy a ticket at discounted price

Pembroke: Bursary students at Pembroke may buy a ticket for £96

Kings: Bursary student tickets for kings students cost £79.20

Wolfson: Tickets for bursary students at Wolfson cost £85

Everything you need to know about every University of Cambridge college May Ball 2023 - how to get tickets, ticket prices, release date, theme and more.

Image credits: Holly Sheridan

Alas, all the information you hopefully need to know about Cambridge May Ball tickets and their prices in 2023! Price tags can be pretty hefty (*cough*cough* Trinity and St John’s). But don’t forget you can also apply to work at May Balls, and join your college May Ball committee for a chance to swap with other colleges’ balls for highly discounted rates!

Feature image credits: Holly Sheridan

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