Cambridge Tab Takeover

Now you can tell us how much you hate us. 

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Here’s the editorial team for Michaelmas 2016.

The Tab editorial team changes every term, with a new group to edit the articles of Cantabs whose egotistical desire to actually be read outweighs their fears of public hate. Also for those who have a burning desire for stash, including – but not limited to – tshirts, mugs, stickers and condoms.

For anyone who wants to get published in Cambridge’s most-read student newspaper, message the relevant editor below, add them on Facebook or join the writers’ group. For all the keen freshers out there, come say hi and sign up at the Freshers’ Fair on Tuesday and Wednesday.

For best results, use in public places so everyone knows you write for The Tab

The best way to get in touch with section editors and get involved is to come along to a writers’ meeting. The first meeting of term will be held on Friday 7 October at 6pm at The Maypole.

The easiest sections to start writing for are:

  • [email protected] if you want to try writing up some short, fun stories.
  • [email protected] if someone or something is particularly annoying you (fellow students, CUSU, slow-walking tourists)
  • [email protected] if you want to write something hilarious and/or inane and/or ridiculous

Contact the News team if you’ve got exciting gossip or want to leak a scandal that you think we should know about. Or you can anonymously tip us off using Tab Tips.

Much edgy, very ego

Editors-in-Chief: Shani Wijetilaka (Trinity) and Oliver Yeates (John’s)
Email: [email protected]
Here for: handling lawsuits, threats and complaints about the lack of standards, distributing stash, and generally making or breaking reputations

Deputy Editors: Rory Sachs (Caius) and Hannah Dawson (Christ’s)
Email: [email protected]
Here for: less serious threats, non-legal issues, planning the fun stuff

News Editors: Charlie Gladstone (Queens’) and Cam Anderson (Queens’)
Email: [email protected]
Here for: breaking scandals, especially those related to bops, CUSU and college drama

Opinion Editors: Eleanor Toal (Christ’s), Eddie Spence (Pembroke) and Rhiannon Shaw (Jesus)
Email: [email protected]
Here for: catharsis and translating angry rants into coherent arguments

Features Editors: Randeep Nag (Fitz) and Dani Cugini – Deputy (Emma)
Email: [email protected]
Here for: wasting your time and comparing your college to ever more ridiculous categories of things

Lifestyle and Fashion Editors: Leyla Gumusdis (Peterhouse), Alex Sive – Deputy (Sidney) and Caitlin McCartney – Photographer (Magdalene)
Email: [email protected]
Here for: telling you where in Cambridge you can spend all your money on food and/or clothes

Interviews Editor: James Hamilton (Magdalene)
Email: [email protected]
Here for: asking famous people and/or BNOCs personal questions

Investigations Editor: Jack Benda (Magdalene)
Email: [email protected]
Here for: exposing Cantabs’ strange habits

Music Editor: Emily Burrows (Queens’)
Email: [email protected]
Here for: reminding everyone that The Lion King isn’t the sum total of the Cambridge music scene

Theatre: Dan Edwards (Girton) and Hope McNulty (King’s)
Email: [email protected]
Here for: upsetting thesps with honest reviews

Tab TV: Jack Lewy (Tit Hall), Josh Ellis (Queens’), Robert Shearme (Trinity) – Presenters and Caitlin McCartney (Magdalene) and Jonah Surkes (Clare) – Editors
Email: [email protected]
Here for: drunk interviews, more drunk interviews, and hard-hitting video exposes.

Cartoonist: Ben Brown (Magdalene)
Here for: Translating The Tab’s usual sparkling wit into visual form

Subeditor: James Wells (Pembroke)
Here for: attempting to prevent #shoddyjournalism and minor grammatical errors

Meet our Michaelmas Columnists next week, including four incredibly keen Freshers and pick up the Freshers’ Week Print Edition at the Freshers’ Fair and in your colleges from Tuesday.