Eight things Bristol students should give up for Lent this year to maximise this term

We all have our vices, and its time to put them to a stop

It’s that time of year again, and in these few weeks leading up to Easter it’s time to give up your addictions in an attempt to salvage yourself from corruption. Perhaps this year we’ll all grow our willpower and quit that one thing you know you probably should’ve given up a long time ago (40 days can’t be that hard, right?) so here’s a list to give you some ideas, specifically directed to us as Bristol students.

Vaping or smoking

You all probably expected this one on the list, and whether you want to admit it or not, vaping or smoking “only socially” still counts, sorry to break it to you (especially when you’re going out most nights). You can’t escape the negatives of nicotine, regardless of how good you say your blue-razz crystal bar tastes, I’m sure healthier lungs are more favourable to a few seconds of flavoured battery smoke. If you were looking for a reason to quit, now’s your chance: And you’ll be able to walk up St Michael’s Hill without being breathless by the end.

Attending Fishies every week

If you’re a fresher, I’ll let you off with this one – I’m looking at you, second and third year students, the workload is real and it is time to move on from this type of night out, week in and week out. You’ve probably consumed enough VKs to turn your complexion blue and listened to every song on the silent disco playlist. Maybe it’s best for some quiet nights in…

Going home with someone you just met at the club

This leads me quite nicely to the next on the list. Whilst it may seem like a good idea “for the plot” when you’re drunk, it is proven to be wrong every time by the extreme regret the next day. Waking up in a stranger’s uni house (or worse, uni halls) is never a good start to the day. Save the walk of shame, and go back to your own bedroom when the night is over.

Missing 9ams

2024 is the year for academic comebacks. As the days get lighter earlier, it is arguably easier to feel motivated to make these early starts. You’ll feel good for accomplishing this strenuous task, plus it gets you up and ready for whatever else is ahead of you.

Forgetting cash for Jason Donervan

There’s no denying that even if you said to yourself you wouldn’t be getting any late-night scran from Jason’s, it was always inevitably going to happen. Stop lying to yourselves, and instead come prepared with cash to cure your cravings – he’ll love you all the more for it.

Not caring about your appearance on campus

This one might be controversial, but hear me out – whilst the effort of actually going to uni might be too much for some (and it is definitely a struggle sometimes) putting in a little extra effort to look put together makes all the difference. If you’re looking for love on campus, this is your way of finding them – so let’s ditch the sweats.

Online shopping

I’m also advocating for less spending this year – the cost of living is still climbing, so do not fall victim to these Depop scams anymore. A tenner here, fiver there, it all adds up and suddenly you’re sacrificing a food shop for a new outfit to fit the Bristol aesthetic, which, realistically, is never a good decision. Did you know that spending £25 a day for a year adds up to over nine grand?

Daily sweet treats

Giving up your daily sweet treat for 40 days would be quite an impressive thing to say you have done. The baked goods at the Source Cafes are always so tempting – a few quid a day feels like nothing, though it adds up fast. I’m all for rewarding yourself, but don’t let this slip into your routine every day – endure the temptation and step away.

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