Over 200 of you signed up, here’s how the first round of Bris Goes Dating went

Find out who wanted to have their cake and eat it


Two weeks ago, we decided to help single Bristol Uni students find their match. Answering just nine questions, we promised to find you your better half on a blind date in Steam and let love blossom.

Over 200 of you signed up but how successful have we been so far?

It’s fair to say the first round saw the good, the bad and the ugly. People who can’t wait to see each other again, others who found themselves needing more than one drink to get through it and one single man who left the date asking for another girl’s Insta.  Here’s everything that went down.

Chris, third year Applied Anatomy, and Inez, third year Pharmacology

Chris was looking for someone independent and confident to take on a cute date to a coffee shop. Meanwhile Inez was looking for someone funny, a good sense of humour who has interesting things to talk about and her ideal date is going for drinks. They both share the same Spotify top artist, Doja Cat.

How was the date?

Chris: She’s really nice but I don’t think she’s my type and I’m not sure I’m her type either but she’s really nice. To be honest, that Flo girl [more about her later], I thought I had more of a connection with.

Inez: Yeah fine, better than bad.

Meet Flo! Flo’s date couldn’t make it so she found herself chatting with Chris while he waited for Inez and clearly she really caught his eye.

What have you been chatting about?

Chris: Oh you know, uni, house prices, very unsexy things

Inez: It’s sort of just like surface chat…nothing too controversial yet

Are you staying for another drink?

Chris: Oh yeah yeah, but I would probably try and get Flo’s Instagram off you if I could. Did her date arrive?

Inez: Yeah and see how it goes.

Little follow up – Chris did stay for another drink with Inez but asked for Flo’s Instagram the next day, someone really wants to spread the love this Christmas.

As Lady Diana Spencer said: “There were three of us in this marriage.” Skrr

Nathan, second year Geography, and Mrinal, second year Law

Nathan was a stand in for his friend who couldn’t make it but his ideal evening was some nice conversation and a few pints. Mrinal was looking to get to know more people after spending her first year in India so her friends signed her up. 

What were your first impressions?

Nathan: She’s lovely, she’s really nice. She rolled me a cigarette.

Mrinal: It was really fun, I’m still having fun actually.

What did you chat about?

Nathan: Our degrees, what we do in our free time, what sports we play. She was in India last year, she did her whole of last year at home from India. It’s impressive.

Mrinal: We spoke about our courses but we’re still getting into it.

Where do you see it going now?

Nathan: I don’t know, I think, probably not. I don’t think there is the attraction there.

Mrinal: Maybe I would if he would be interested too. It was just really nice to do something that’s social.

So it looks like love isn’t in the air for Nathan and Mrinal but at least Nathan got his beers and Mrinal wasn’t stood up.

Nat, second year Politics and Sociology, and Courtney, second year Spanish and Film

Courtney was looking for a date with someone who’s cheeky and not an idiot in a relaxed setting. Her top artist is Anderson .Paak. Nat was looking for a date who’s artsy, musical and likes cooking and an equally artsy date setting in a museum or some cute markets, her top artist is Lava La Rue. 

How did the date go? What were you first impressions?

Courtney: It was nice, it was great. She’s so successful, she does things with her day. I now follow her stuff on Spotify, she looks like she would be good.

Nat: The date was fun. She’s beautiful. Good craic. It was weird going on a blind date, I’ve never done anything like that before but as soon as I saw her my anxieties about it went away and it just felt normal.

What did you talk about?

Courtney: We both went to girls Grammar schools so that’s always an experience

Nat: We had a really nice talk about our goals and ambitions in life and things that we like to. I also found out a lot about her course.

What was the highlight of the date?

Courtney: I think hearing about the music, that was so cool

Nat: We had a lot in common and we’re both quite creative. It was nice to meet such a like-minded person.

Do you think there’s a second date?

Courtney: Who knows, maybe…We’ve added each other on Instagram so we’ll find out. I’m definitely going to message her about her music.

Nat: I’d probably see her again yeah.

It seems like Nat and Courtney were perfectly in harmony. Finger’s crossed for them!

Do you want to start next year in love? We are still taking applications to take part in Bris Goes Dating next term.

We accept and encourage applicants from all backgrounds, genders, and sexualities. Please note that in order to participate in Bris Goes Dating you must be comfortable having your name, a photo of yourself and your post-date feedback published on The Bristol Tab. Sadly there are no exceptions to this condition.

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