Wills freshers banned from kitchen after cleaners ‘mistake Dip Dab sherbet for cocaine’

They were locked out for FOUR days

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A group of Bristol freshers were apparently banned from entering their kitchen for four days after lines of Dip Dab sherbet were confused for cocaine.

A Wills halls resident says his flat woke up the morning after a night out to an email explaining how they were now locked out of their kitchen due to remnants of cigarettes and "left over drug containers" being present. However, someone on the floor has said they were lines of Dip Dab and had been confused for cocaine.

John, not his real name but a resident of the Wills flat, told The Bristol Tab an analysis of the substance then took place. The results came back confirming the lines to be nothing more than a bit of sherbet, and the only high you’d get from it would be a minor sugar rush.

John said: "It was stupid because [even] if someone could afford that much coke, they wouldn’t be leaving it in massive lines on the kitchen table." It would appear that John has forgotten what accommodation he resides in, with Wills halls being the poshest at Bristol.

Wills halls of residence

The kitchen remained locked for a full four days until the results of the investigation came back, at which point the kitchen was finally opened and the Dip Dab fiends were finally permitted to fuel their addictions to the confectionary of their youth once more.

The email sent out to residents read: "Unfortunately, the decision to lock access to the kitchen was taken due to the discovery that students had left cigarettes and the remnants of suspected drug containers.

"These acts both carry a no-tolerance response which has been implemented by the warden of the north village. The penalty was undesirably applied to all but justified. We understand that most of the floor is innocent but we have currently no way of knowing who was responsible.

"I can apologise that it has, personally, taken me this long to inform you but we needed to be aware of all the facts before you were informed.

"The kitchen will be re-opened to all when we have volunteers for cleaning the kitchen or the people responsible come forward."

The email in question

A message sent into Bristruths claimed the Wills accommodation block were banned from their kitchen because the cleaner thought the Dip Dab was cocaine.

A spokesperson for the University said: “The behaviour of a few people using this particular kitchen has been causing concern for a number of weeks. When staff discovered broken furniture, evidence that cannabis had been smoked, and general mess, we had no option but to lock the kitchen until it could be thoroughly cleaned and the perpetrators identified."

“This behaviour is totally unacceptable and we would urge those involved to consider the negative impact it has on those who wish to use the kitchen responsibly.”