Hugo savagely calls Jess ‘boring’ and Uma and Wil’s heartbreaking exit scenes begin tonight

Love Island is doing its thing right now

Love Island 2024 is turning it up a notch, as tonight sees the new bombshells settle into the villa and the drama continues for the rest of the Islanders. Mimii is whisked off to the hideaway with one of the new boys, and now we know Uma and Wil are set to leave the show, the start of these scenes are playing out.

In tonight’s show, it’s a new day in the Love Island villa, and following the arrival of two new bombshells Reuben and Josh the night before, Mimii has woken up feeling positive as she exclaims: “Mimii is back!”

Keen to waste no time, Josh heads straight over to pull Mimii for a chat that morning as they decide to head to the hideaway terrace to get to know each other better in private.

Love Island 2024

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Having already made her a drink, things get off to a flying start as they cheers to new beginnings, and Josh reveals: “I feel like you’re a bubbly character, I just feel it takes the right person to get it out of you and I feel like that person is me to be honest. I think you compliment me, I think we go together.”

As the pair decide they need a handshake, Josh is quick to make a move, saying “We could do that, that, and then I could bring you in” as he leans in closer to Mimii. Turning up the heat, the two then both get into the jacuzzi together.

Then it’s time for Reuben to make his move, as he and Wil start a battle for Uma’s affections. Also keen to waste no time, Reuben springs to action that morning by making Uma an iced coffee. But as he finds out Wil has already brought her a coffee, he cheekily asks: “Is it better than Wil’s?”

Later on, the two head to the mini fire pit for a chat. Bonding over their shared love of travelling, and finding out they have a lot in common, Uma admits: “You do have a good energy.” Reuben flirts up a storm, saying: “It’s refreshing, seeing someone with the personality to match the looks as well.”

Love Island 2024

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Speaking about her current couple with Wil in the villa, Reuben adds: “You’re a loyal girl so it’s gonna take a lot, but I’m up for the challenge.” Uma smiles, replying: “We shall see, may the best man win.”

And it appears Reuben’s moves haven’t gone as unnoticed by Wil, as with competition on the horizon he pulls Uma for a chat, saying: “There’s a guy trying to steal my girl, it ain’t happening.” Who will come out on top?

But as new couples look to form, one is falling apart – Hugo is having doubts over Jess. Relaxing on the bean bags later that day, Jess is catching up with Emma about Hugo, gushing, “We’re really good.” However out of the corner of her eye, Jess spots Hugo having a chat with Ayo, and says: “I feel like they’re talking about me and it doesn’t look good…they keep looking at me.”

Love Island 2024

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And it appears Jess’ instincts could be right, as Hugo confides in Ayo: “I just feel like maybe the way things are going with me and Jess, I dunno I feel like there should be more. I feel like the conversation is just a bit dry.” He adds: “It feels like, and it’s a harsh way to put it, but it’s like a boredom thing… there is sexual chemistry, but there’s something missing.”

As evening falls in the villa, it’s time for the real drama to begin, as the two new boys have to couple up. Sean receives a shock text asking all Islanders to gather round the fire pit immediately. Once in position, new bombshell Reuben receives a text which reads: “Josh and Reuben it’s time for you to make a very big decision, please stand around the fire pit.”

Love Island 2024

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Next up, Josh then receives the next text which reveals: “As you are both single you must both decide to couple up with a girl of your choice, Josh you will choose first.”

We now know how all of this ends – Uma is chosen by bombshell arrival Reuben Collins during the re-coupling, leaving Wil single. He is then immediately dumped. Uma is then reported to have told show bosses her only option is the follow Wil, and she leaves the villa too.

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