Exactly how Uma quitting Love Island will play out across TWO DAYS of dramatic scenes

The villa is in meltdown right now

Today has been the biggest day of drama since the villa opened its doors for this season. It was reported an Islander has quit Love Island 2024, and later revealed the person in question is Uma Jammeh.

Her exit is set to take place across tonight (Monday) and tomorrow (Tuesday) in dramatic scenes leading right up to the moment where she says goodbye to the villa. This all comes after a chaotic Casa Amor, and even more chaotic movie night.

So, here’s a full breakdown of all the drama we have coming in two huge days on Love Island 2024, as we prepare to see Uma quit the show and leave her fellow Islanders behind her.

Uma and Matilda have a debrief to discuss movie night

Uma Jammeh has quit Love Island 2024

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Kicking off Monday’s show, following an intense evening at the Love Island Film Festival, Uma and Matilda head to the daybeds to debrief on the night’s revelations. Uma admits: “I’m so embarrassed, I really thought he was a different person…” Matilda agrees, saying: “Yeah what we saw was really shit, but the way they’ve handled it has made it ten times worse.”

Recalling the tapes of Wil getting to know Jessy, Uma gets emotional, adding: “For you to sit there and be like ‘oh yeah that’s my perfect type’, that’s actually quite upsetting for me to hear.” As Mimii and Matilda comfort Uma, Matilda gives her a pep talk, saying: “Babe do you know what? You’re the most beautiful girl inside and out.”

Wil tries to make amends

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Following Uma and Matilda getting emotional with the girls, Wil comes over with Sean and both the boys try and make amends with their partners. How will Matilda and Uma react? Can the two couples get back on track?

Two new bombshells enter the villa, and Uma is whisked off on a date

Later in the day, it’s time for bombshells! Whilst relaxing on the daybeds, Uma receives a text which reads: “Mimii, Jessy and Uma, it’s time to get ready as Reuben and Josh want to take you out for drinks! Please get ready to leave the villa. #FreshFacesNewPlaces #TogetherWeDate.”

Heading out of the villa to meet the new arrivals, Mimii, Jessy and Uma take a seat with Reuben and Josh over some candlelit tapas. Confiding in the girls back at the villa post date, Uma exclaims: “Revenge is sweet! That’s exactly what I needed to remind me who I am” with Mimii agreeing: “They’re 10/10.”

Uma Jammeh has quit Love Island 2024

via ITV

One of the new bombshells picks to couple up with Uma, leaving Wil single

Following the dates, it’s been reported the two new boys have to pick a girl to steal. According to MailOnline, Uma is chosen by bombshell arrival Reuben Collins during a re-coupling, leaving Wil single. He is then immediately dumped. Uma is then reported to have told show bosses her only option was the follow Wil, and leave the villa too.

A source revealed: “Uma made her feelings towards Wil clear by remaining loyal to him during Casa Amor. But now she’s made a huge commitment by quitting Love Island after he was dumped when she was stolen by one of the new bombshells.

“It was an emotional moment shared by all of her fellow Islanders but it’s what she wanted to do to remain true to herself. She knew at this last stage in the competition that she wasn’t going to develop feelings for anyone else and she couldn’t see Wil leave on his own.”

Uma quitting Love Island will NOT air on Monday night

The scenes of Wil being dumped and Uma subsequently quitting will not be aired during Monday’s show. It’s believed the dates are the final part of Monday’s show, and then the recoupling and all exit scenes will follow into Tuesday night.

I’m not ready for her to leave!

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