What dumped Love Island 2024 Islanders have said about Sean

‘Intense, I don’t like him’: What the dumped Islanders have had to say about Sean

‘He was my guy in the villa, but I don’t like candy anymore’

In the last week or so, everyone’s opinions of Love Island 2024 candy man Sean have changed, and the dumped Islanders are right at the forefront of sharing thoughts.

At the start of the show Sean was quiet and cute, and didn’t really crack on with anyone much. But then along came bombshell Matilda and Sean relished in sending Omar packing so he could have no competition in talking to her. Then, in another dramatic turn, Sean unleashed a whole new character when Casa Amor came around – chatting to two girls and making them both feel as though he might pick them, before staying with Matilda.

It’s been all change, and now Sean is literally causing a riot. He’s running his mouth on movie night, and Matilda has near enough had it with him. Is he the sweet candy man? I don’t know what to believe! Here’s a rundown of what the so far dumped Islanders of Love Island 2024 have said about our not-so sweet sweets man, Sean Stone.

‘I don’t like candy anymore’

Dumped Islander Omar has probably had the most to say about Sean following Love Island 2024. He said he and Sean got on fairly well on the show, but since leaving the villa and finding out Sean was the main reason he was dumped, Omar has admitted he doesn’t like him anymore.

“Sean’s my guy as well,” Omar said after his exit. “Even though it did get a little intense with us both going after the same girl. I’ve got a lot of love for him.” But then things changed, and Omar watched parts of the show back and found out Sean instigated the Islanders voting him off the show.

In a TikTok, Omar said he had been “really waiting for a long time” for someone to ask his opinions on Sean, before adding that during his Aftersun interview he thought Sean was “his guy”. Omar went on: “I didn’t actually find out what happened until I got back home. I found out he [Sean] had the last say in kicking me out.”

Omar said he helped Sean have conversations with girls in the villa, but now outside the villa the two are “going to have to have a conversation” over Sean using the dumping as a quick way to get rid of Omar, so he could crack on with Matilda.

“For me, I’m a person who stands on my morals and principles, and what he’s done was just allowing himself to have the easiest route to find a connection in the villa,” Omar said. “For me, I would never do that to somebody. I don’t know what’s going to happen in terms of moving forward with my relationship with him. I can’t lie man, I don’t like candy anymore.”

‘He’s not as genuine as we all thought’

We all saw that dumped Casa girl Diamanté had a bit of an axe to grind with Sean, after he led her on and then didn’t choose her in the recoupling.  To describe her time with and thoughts of Sean after the show, Diamanté said “it was very flirty and smiley from the beginning.”

She added: “When I kissed him in the challenge that’s when everything went from 1-100 really quickly. He’s perhaps not as genuine as we all thought he was.” Savage!

What dumped Love Island 2024 Islanders have said about Sean

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‘He’s good at talking, I fell for it’

Diamanté said more about her relationship with Sean on Aftersun, and described him as “charming” and said he “has a way with words”. But, she said this is all just a front, and added: “He’s very good at talking…and obviously, I just fell for it.”

‘He’s such a lovely boy’


Sean is such a cutie, but has struggled to find a connection until now, so we asked Samantha why that may be..? #loveisland

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We’ll give Samantha the benefit of the doubt, because she did an interview with Cosmo before Casa Amor, and was asked why the girls were all seemingly getting the ick with Sean.

“I don’t know because he’s such a lovely boy,” she said about him. “He is amazing. On the first day…emotions are high, it was overwhelming, he was so quiet on that first day. He’s really, really come out of his shell. So for me, I thought he was a bit too quiet for me.”

She did add that she thinks he was “coming on a bit too strong” with Matilda when she showed interest, but said: “Go for it, Sean. Pop off sis.”

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