Joey and Omar fight escalated much more with the boys ‘pulling them apart’ after huge row

It seems as though a lot of the drama was cut from the show

It seems as though a lot of the fight between Joey and Omar was cut from last night’s Love Island 2024 episode, with reports explaining their row escalated a lot further than what we saw on the show.

Last night, ahead of Omar being dumped, we saw Joey Essex take him aside and row with him over Grace. Joey got in Omar’s face and told him “there’s no competition” between the two of them, and basically said Omar was wasting his time flirting with Grace. Omar was then seen calling Joey “weird and insecure” for starting a row over it all.

But, according to reports, the fight escalated a lot more, and ended up with the other Love Island boys having to get involved to pull Joey and Omar off one another.

Joey and Omar on Love Island 2024

via ITV

A source told The Sun: “Joey cares about Grace and was livid when he heard Omar was flirting with her behind his back. It all came to a head on Thursday night. Joey pulled Omar aside to talk it out and explain how he and Grace were getting serious so Omar needed to back off.