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From Gregory to Hyacinth: Who every sibling ends up marrying in the Bridgerton books

It’s all very wholesome

So far in the Netflix series we’ve seen who three of the Bridgerton siblings end up marrying, and they’ve kept faithful to the books. However, in light of the recent change to Francesca’s future spouse, it looks like the show might be making some changes.

Whilst we’ve been given some hints as to who the remaining Bridgerton siblings might get married to, others like Hyacinth and Gregory are still too young to have been hinted at. So, let’s have a sneak peek at who every sibling ends up marrying in the original Bridgerton books, and obviously major spoilers ahead!


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Daphne was the first Bridgerton sibling to end up marrying in both the series and the books, and I have a massive soft spot for her and Simon. Daphne catches Simon’s eye after she is declared the diamond of the season, but as he’s close friends with Anthony some tensions arise.

The two are caught unchaperoned in the garden together and are forced to marry. Eventually, they realise their true feelings for each other and go on to have four children together, very wholesome!


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Next up we have Anthony Bridgerton, the eldest sibling who ends up marrying Kate in both the book and series. His adorable love story is told in the novel, The Viscount Who Loved Me.

After Edwina is named the diamond of the season, Anthony decides to start pursuing her and wants to woo her by impressing her sister Kate. As time goes on he starts to develop feelings for Kate instead with the two marrying each other in the end.


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Bendict’s romance was a classic Cinderella-style story in the books, although it looks like the Netflix show might take a different direction. Some fans are even speculating that Benedict could end up with Cressida Cowper if you can believe it.

In An Offer from a Gentleman, we see Benedict meet a mystery woman at a masquerade ball, and before he can get her name she flees leaving behind just a glove. A couple of years later Benedict rescues a young maid called Sophie who is about to be taken advantage of by a group of men and offers her employment at the Bridgerton household.

He still doesn’t know she’s the woman he fell in love with at the ball, and finds himself torn between finding the mystery woman and his feelings for Sophie. After seeing Sophie play a game blindfolded he realises that she and the mystery woman are the same, and despite their social status barriers the two end up marrying.


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We just saw Colin and Penelope’s adorable love story during the most recent season of Bridgerton, and the book follows the exact same premise.


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Eloise’s romance is focused on in – To Sir Philip, with Love, which is the fifth book in the series. Following the death of Marina Thompson, Eloise reaches out to her widower Sir Phillip Crane to express her sadness for her passing.

The two start to write letters back and forth to each other, and their love blossoms over pages. The two eventually meet in person but as they are unchaperoned Sir Phillip is forced to marry Eloise by her older brothers.


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Francesca’s future spouse is set to change considerably in the Netflix series compared to the books, as it looks like her future husband has been changed into a woman. In the books, however, she still marries John Stirling but is left alone when he very unexpectedly passes away.

She turns to his cousin, Michael Stirling for comfort as they both share in their grief, although unbeknownst to her he has secret feelings for her. Whilst the two struggle with their feelings towards each other paired with guilt, they eventually marry and have two adorable children together.


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I can’t imagine Hycacinnth getting married yet as she still seems so young, but as always it’s a very wholesome romance. She falls in love with Lady Danbury’s grandson Gareth St. Clair after the two work on translating his old family diary together. As they spend more time together they both gain feelings for each other and obviously end up getting married.


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Lastly out of the Bridgerton siblings is Gregory, whose story is explained in On the Way to the Wedding. During the book he wants to be with a lady called Hermione Watson, but she is in love with another man. Hermione’s friend Lady Lucinda Abernathy believes Gregory is a perfect match for Hermione, and agrees to help him win her over.

Over time Lucinda and Gregory realise they’re falling in love with each other, despite her being engaged to someone else. Ultimately she calls off her in engagement and the two end up getting married.

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