Heartbreak High cast

A look inside the real life dating lives of the ultra vibey Heartbreak High cast

It’s a lot less chaotic than at Hartley High

Heartbreak High is absolutely full of messy relationship drama and I am so here for it. So it’s no shock that we all have a massive interest in who the Heartbreak High cast members are dating in real life too.

Despite how chaotic all the love lives of their characters are, a lot of the cast are actually single or VERY private about their relationships. But a couple have partners and one person is even married!

So, here’s a rundown of who from the Heartbreak High cast is dating who, and who all their real-life partners are.

Amerie – Ayesha Madon

Relationship status: Single

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Ayesha keeps her dating life very private and it seems to be a lot less chaotic than Amerie’s as she does not appear to be in a relationship right now.

Darren – James Majoos

Relationship status: In a relationship

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James Majoos was last dating singer-songwriter David Evans although he’s another one to keep his relationship very private and there are no pictures together on their Instagrams.

Malakai – Thomas Weatherall

Relationship status: Single

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As of 2022, Thomas Weatherall has been understood to be single as he hasn’t confirmed he is dating anyone in any interviews and there is no evidence on his Insta to suggest he’s in a relationship.

But reports by gossip site Celebsweek claim he could be dating Aussie Actor Stevie Answerth after a cute picture of her was posted on his Instagram.

Spider – Bryn Chapman Parish

Relationship status: In a relationship

Bryn Chapman Parish is currently dating a woman called Laura Brogan Browne who is also an Australian actor. She has been in Aussie shows such as A Place to Call Home and North Shore. They keep their relationship very private but have been pictured together at many events including the premiere of Challengers in March this year and the premiere of Indiana Jones And The Dial Of Destiny in July 2023.

Harper – Asher Yasbinceck

Relationship status: Single

Asher Yasbinceck’s Insta is full of extremely vibey pics, but it’s lacking in any relationship pictures so we can assume she is currently single.

Quinni – Chloe Hayden

Relationship status: Married

Chloe Hayden is currently married to Dylan Rohan. The two started dating in 2020, announced their engagement in December 2022 and got married in an adorable wedding ceremony in January 2024. Her Instagram is full of cute wedding photos but Dylan is very private in comparison.

Dustin – Josh Heuston

Relationship status: Single

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Josh Heuston is currently single after breaking up with his model girlfriend Carla Martinez around the start of 2023.

Ca$h – Will McDonald

Relationship status: Single

Will is another member of the Heartbreak High cast who is currently single, whereas in the show he is asexual and dating Darren.

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