Harriett Blackmore transformation before Love Island 2024 and cosmetic surgery

Lip and cheek fillers to muscle toning: Harriett’s £4,500 pre Love Island 2024 transformation

Oh she spent the big bucks

Ever since Harriett entered the Love Island 2024 villa she’s been hot topic. We’re all obsessed with her chaos ways and the constant drama she brings to the villa. But now we can take a look at her transformation before the Love Island villa, and how Harriett prepared for becoming the best thing in the 2024 cast.

Since she’s been in the villa, videos of Harriett looking really different have emerged. In one she’s hanging out with bestie and YouTuber Saffron Barker five years ago. The girls both look completely different – Harriett now with a different hair and makeup vibe. It also appears that her lips are much fuller now, which first got people talking about the possibility she’s had filler.

This has since been confirmed. In further videos shared on Instagram, it’s clear how Harriett got from her YouTube feature days to Love Island 2024 ready – with transformation clips showing her going to clinics and getting work done. “Get Love Island ready with Harriett Blackmore” is the caption of one video, and it shows her getting a muscle toning procedure on her stomach.

The same clinic has also posted about Harriett visiting in March to get lip filler, cheek filler and chin filler topped up. On the website of the clinic, it states lip filler costs around £160, cheek filler £180 and chin augmentation also £180. The muscle toning costs around £100.

She also spent a lot of money getting her teeth done, having a course of Invisalign and teeth whitening before the show. According to the website of where she had this done, it costs around £4,000.

In a savage TikTok video which has now had over 10million views, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon called Dr Daniel Barrett was asked to guess the ages of the girls in the Love Island 2024 villa right now, and to give his expertise on what the girls may have had in the past.

When he looked at a picture of 24-year-old Harriett, he said he thought she was 42-years-old, and said he reckoned she’d had her cheeks filled, lip filler, a nose job, fake lashes and brows, and Botox injectables.

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