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Taylor Swift dropped three UK only album versions to block Charli XCX from number one

It is truly beyond belief

If 34 versions of The Tortured Poets Department wasn’t enough, Taylor Swift last night briefly released three limited UK only versions of her album in what is seemingly an attempt to maintain number one on the charts, as BRAT by Charli XCX lead the way to take the top spot on the chart.

BRAT has seen Charli XCX have her biggest ever career debut for an album, biggest streaming days too – as well as becoming the highest critically acclaimed album of the year and the 16th best reviewed album of all time (as per Metacritic). Taylor Swift has been criticised for continually releasing new versions of The Tortured Poets Department to try and keep at the top of the chart – even battling with Billie Eilish earlier this month and keeping HIT ME HARD AND SOFT from number one.

With 34 versions out of The Tortured Poets Department, the list keeps growing. Initially, the chart battle for the top spot was between Charli XCX with BRAT and your dad’s faves Bon Jovi – before Taylor Swift entered the fold. Official Charts reported that only 1000 copies of the records separate the three from getting the number one album this week.

Every music fan on Twitter believes Taylor Swift is doing this to block competition – especially with the UK only geolocking feeling like a target on Charli’s success. One fan wrote “They’re selling the new albums for 24 hours only –  like if it went on sale today they could have tried to play it off as a coincidence but there’s literally no excuse for doing it for a day only other than for them to contribute to this week’s chart. Very rotten.”

This also all comes after Charli seemingly shaded Taylor Swift on BRAT on the track Sympathy is a Knife. On verse two of Sympathy is a Knife, Charli sings: “Don’t wanna see her backstage at my boyfriend’s show / Fingers crossed behind my back, I hope they break up quick.”

Everyone thinks Sympathy is a Knife is a Taylor Swift dig is because Charli XCX is currently engaged to George Daniel, a member of The 1975. George is referenced a lot throughout the album, and cowrote a couple of the tracks. Unless you live under a rock, you might remember that Taylor Swift was controversially dating Matty Healy for a short while last year when Charli would have been working on BRAT. Matty Healy is the lead singer of The 1975.

UPDATE: Taylor Swift beat Charli XCX to the top spot of the UK charts. You won, Taylor – insert video of the furious man from Come Dine With Me here.

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