MAFS’ Melinda talks shock split from Layton and admits she thinks about getting back together

‘Some days I’ll catch myself thinking about Layton’

MAFS Australia 2023 star Melinda Willis has spoken out about her shock split from groom Layton Mills, and has said she still thinks about him and the possibility of getting back together. My heart guys, my heart!

The couple broke up last year, having just celebrated their one year anniversary as husband and wife. It was a shock to us all as we were really rooting for them as a couple, but at the time, they did say they’d reunite if the time felt right.

At the time, they announced the news in a statement which read: “After a lot of thought and consideration, we have sadly decided to both take time apart. We still care very deeply for each other and this doesn’t mean our lives can’t come back together, but as of now, we think this decision is for the best.”

Now, Melinda has spoken in depth about their split, and has admitted things didn’t end well for them. During an Instagram Q&A she said they are no longer in contact since the breakup in October.

Melinda and Layton on MAFS Australia 2023

via Channel Nine

“We don’t currently talk, no,” she said. “Things didn’t get left on the best terms. From my side, it was best to stop contact.” She said the split is still “hard to talk about” and added: “I believe that we went through enough to still be amicable if we ran into each other if we needed something from each other.

“I still like to protect him when I see something online. I will still go at a troll if I need to protect him. But in regards to actually talking to each other, we don’t. When we broke up, I stopped contact, and that was just for me and my mental [health] because everything was just all a bit too much.”

However, Melinda did say she still thinks about Layton, and would “never say never” to getting back together. “You don’t know what could happen in the future, and some days I’ll catch myself thinking about Layton or thinking about if time will change anything,” she said.

“But again, I haven’t heard from Layton, so I don’t think anything’s happening right now. Sorry to break it to you guys.” My whole heart is breaking!

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