Charli XCX Taylor Swift dig

Everyone thinks Charli XCX made a Taylor Swift dig on new album and it’s not subtle at all

‘I hope they break up quick’

Charli XCX has reached new levels of critical acclaim over the weekend after the release of her sixth studio album, BRAT. Charli has always hit big with critics with her records, but BRAT has taken her to new heights and currently sits as the best reviewed album of the year as of June 2024 with a whopping score of 93 on Metacritic. A lot of the acclaim comes down to how honest and confessional Charli XCX has written the lyrics, with a lot of interest going towards the subject matter of track Girl, So Confusing being about Lorde. But there is another lyric earlier on in the BRAT album, and a lot of people think it’s Charli XCX throwing a not so subtle shady dig towards none other than Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift and Charli XCX have always been pretty sound, potentially even pals – Charli XCX (along with Camila Cabello) supported Taylor Swift on the Reputation tour. But this shady dig Charli XCX is seemingly making towards Taylor Swift suggests all is less than rosey these days – and it all happens on the outstanding banger Sympathy is a Knife.

The dig

On verse two of Sympathy is a Knife, Charli sings: “Don’t wanna see her backstage at my boyfriend’s show / Fingers crossed behind my back, I hope they break up quick.”

It’s clearly a savage line on its own whoever it’s about but the context makes it even more wild.

The context

Okay, so the reason everyone thinks Sympathy is a Knife is a Taylor Swift dig is because Charli XCX is currently engaged to George Daniel, a member of The 1975. George is referenced a lot throughout the album, and cowrote a couple of the tracks. Unless you live under a rock, you might remember that Taylor Swift was controversially dating Matty Healy for a short while last year when Charli would have been working on BRAT. Matty Healy is the lead singer of The 1975.

So, err – the fact people think it’s a dig at Taylor Swift has a LOT of evidence backing it. Charli XCX has actually made a video talking about how there isn’t any proper diss tracks on BRAT, with the exception of Von Dutch. So whatever she was going through on Sympathy is a Knife and whoever the comments were directed towards, it’s likely to be sorted now and she’s moved on from any drama.

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