Joey Essex transformation

So many hairstyles! A wild look at the transformation Joey Essex has had through the years

Always reem, of course

Joey Essex has been on TV for nearly 15 years, and in that time he’s gone through so many transformations. Honestly, I had to look twice when he rocked up in the Love Island villa last night – not just because I couldn’t believe he was on it but because I barely recognised it was him. Since he became nothing short of a British pop cultural icon back in his TOWIE heyday with the infamous fusey haircut and telling everyone what ‘reem’ meant, Joey Essex hasn’t really left our screens and he’s had a wild transformation in that time.

Since we’re about to be seeing a whole lot more of him on the TV, here’s a look at the transformation he’s had through the years as Joey Essex continues to be reality TV royalty with no signs of slowing down. Reem af.

The first TOWIE appearance

A baby Joey Essex getting introduced as Chloe Sims’ cousin on Towie back in the day. History was made. Everyone wanted that hair, and he kept saying he was gonna be bigger than Mark Wright. Fair play.

The dreaded ‘fusey’

The weird era where literally everyone wanted this trim. The fusey was kind of like a big quiff with a very severe skin fade vibe, although there wasn’t much fading getting done. Why was this popular? I’m recoiling in horror.

When he went blonde!?


Completely forgot this happened. It’s giving Eminem in a fit way. I’m annoyed he suits it so much – it should be illegal to equally be able to pull off blonde and brown and still look really hot. Damn you, Joey Essex.

The shaggy 90s boyband era


Yeah I love it a bit longer. He looks like he’s about to drop a hard rap album in the 90s. A far cry from the dismal days of the fusey it must be said!

The era where he looked like a GTA character


Really feel like I’m playing Grand Theft Auto Vice City looking at this. Again, it proper just suits him, doesn’t it? His Instagram is full of fit pics of his hair journeys and he always manages to nail it.

The buzz cut

Joey Essex transformation


Yeah, it goes hard. I didn’t even recognise him on Love Island at first – it’s giving tough guy vibes. Laughing that if you look at my transformation through the years it’s like abysmal to slightly less abysmal but Joey Essex has managed to go from good to even better. Apart from the fusey era. We don’t talk about fusey.

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