This grad wrote her diss on Harry Styles and now works as a tour guide in his home town

Is it possible to swap lives? Asking for a friend x

One grad who wrote her whole dissertation on Harry Styles when she was at uni now works as a tour guide in his home town of Holmes Chapel and I am so incredibly jealous.

Izzy Boughey, 21, is one of 12 people hired to run Harry Styles tours after over 150 people applied for the job. “I was in shock when I got the job. I’m a big fan,” Izzy said.

“I even wrote my dissertation at university about him. I came to visit Holmes Chapel as a fan with my mum once – coming here makes you understand why Harry is Harry.”

Harry Styles


Izzy had to complete a detailed 80-question quiz all about Harry in order to get the job.

Questions included which magazine named Harry 2020s best-dressed man, what was the name of Harry’s first pet, which instrument does Harry play, and what is the name of the river that flows under Twemlow Viaduct?

20 people were then interviewed and asked to give a short presentation and 12 people got the job. Izzy is on a temporary zero-hours contract and is paid £11.50 an hour.

Harry Styles tour guide


The Holmes Chapel Partnership was forced to set up the company and hire guides after they were struggling to cope with the demands of fans visiting the village. Over 5,000 people visited last year alone. There were also safety concerns as people were walking along main roads to get to the viaduct.

The two-and-a-half-hour tours cost £20 each and include the Twemlow Viaduct where Harry is believed to have had his first kiss and also signed his name in the One Direction documentary This Is Us. People who join the tours are given a slate heart to write a message on and leave at the viaduct to stop the graffiti.

Harry Styles tour guide


It also stops at Mandeville’s Bakery where he worked until he appeared on X Factor. The bakery has a huge poster of Harry when he worked there and sells souvenirs like wooden spoons, sweets and aprons.

Another tour guide Lois said she decided to become a tour guide because she’s a “massive fan”. She said: “My mum sent me an article about it because she’s aware I’m a massive fan and need a Saturday job. The application was crazy – we had to do a massive quiz.”

“I’m so excited and nervous to do the tours.”


Jill Booth is another tour guide who applied for the job because she knew Harry growing up. “He used to live a few doors down from me and my son was friends with him at school and they played football together. I remember by son knew he was going in a band on the X Factor but he couldn’t tell anyone – then it all went a bit mad.”

The youngest of the tour guides is 16-year-old Ben McCormick who actually goes to the same school Harry went to. He said: “I’ve been a fan since I was six years old, when I started primary school. Since I’m local I thought it would be a really good experience. It’s created a really good mood around the village that everyone can get involved with.”

Okay but are they still taking applications because I want in!

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