MAFS Australia 2024 reunion

Feuds to the return of Collins: Everything we know about the MAFS Australia 2024 reunion

It’s going to get spicy


The MAFS Australia 2024 reunion airs next week and will take place over two episodes because there’s so much drama. From the return of Collins to absolutely huge cast feuds and even walkouts, here’s all the explosive drama that’s set to go down at the MAFS Australia 2024 reunion.

Who is still together at the reunion?

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All of the couples who made it to the final vows are still together at the reunion apart from Jono and Lauren, for obvious reasons. But not everything is plain sailing for long as whilst Sara and Tim seemed very happy together at the reunion they decided to end their relationship soon after due to two big bombshells that are revealed at the reunion.

Tim is accused of being active on Tinder

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As revealed in episode 371 of the So Dramatic! podcast, Sara and Tim’s relationship starts to go south after he was allegedly spotted on Tinder. One participant revealed: “Jade dropped a huge bombshell that her friend had recently seen Tim on Tinder. Sara was completely caught off guard. She was embarrassed because they had been sitting there all loved up all night.”

Jono also dropped his own bombshell, revealing Tim had told him “if he had more time, he may have made a different decision about staying with Sara at the Final Vows. Sara was completely blindsided and hurt because they were still together and doing so well. She was really upset and crying, Tim and Sara went outside and had a huge fight about it.” Yikes!

Jono and Ellie walk into the reunion together

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Jono and Ellie were caught secretly messaging each other during the final week of MAFS Australia 2024 and the two rock up “hand in hand” to the reunion together. And as if that wasn’t awkward enough, it turns out that neither Ben nor Lauren even knew they were an official couple yet.

Ben told So Dramatic!:  “I didn’t find out until the Reunion that they were a couple. I wasn’t surprised. They seem well-suited. I predicted many weeks before. I suspected something fishy was going on.”

Jayden completely throws Eden under the bus

MAFS Australia 2024 reunion

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Eden and Jayden’s picture-perfect MAFS relationship comes crumbling down at the reunion when he decides to expose Eden for telling him about Sara’s cheating scandal.

One participant told So Dramatic!: “Jayden admits that Eden made up the fake story that Jayden saw it on her phone when he walked past, and that’s how he found out. It was a total lie to cover her ass.”

Lauren is accused of having a secret boyfriend throughout filming

MAFS Australia 2024 reunion

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According to New Idea, rumours were swirling that Lauren was “pining after” a man she’d had a fling with in Bali not long before MAFS Australia filming started. And of course, Jack had to bring it up during the reunion, as apparently, she went back to him after filming finished.

Collins is STILL bitter that Natalie left the MAFS experiment

MAFS Australia 2024 reunion

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This man really knows how to carry a grudge and is still annoyed with Natalie that he forced him to leave the experiment early. One MAFS participant revealed: ” He was saying he was pissed off that he got the short straw and that it was unfair he got paired with a girl whose dad just died and was really sad the whole time.

“Nat was very sympathetic to him. She could understand why he was disappointed and empathised with him. She knew everyone had sacrificed a lot to be on the show. But she also reiterated that they didn’t form a connection, and then everything just spiralled out of control because of that.”

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