MAFS Australia 2024 groom to marry quiz

Which MAFS Australia 2024 groom would you marry? Take this quiz to find out

Anyone but Jack, PLEASE

I know when you’re watching MAFS Australia 2024 you’ve thought about which groom you would get matched with at least once, and now this quiz is going to finally tell you. You’re so welcome.

The current Married at First Sight experiment has introduced us to a whole range of men. From the flamboyant and ~maybe~ actor Collins (never forget) to the hellscape that is Jack. Maybe you want a pretty standard life with Jono, or a disgraceful but incredible life with Richard? Do you want someone who will back you no matter what like Jayden or Timothy will? A nice guy who will treat you well like Tim? Or do you value the humour and youthful vibe Ridge would provide? Honestly, there are so many different possibilities all from one cast.

But, and maybe it’s for the best, you can only have one guy who is destined to be your true match. In the quiz below you’ll be asked 10 simple questions about yourself, the kind of person you want, and what you’d be like in the experiment. At the end, you’ll be given your perfect MAFS Australia match. From now on, this is how the experts should do the matches, too. I hope you get who you like!

Take this quiz to see which groom from MAFS Australia 2024 you would marry:

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