Only people with a very high IQ can solve this flat battery brainteaser in less than 38 seconds

The official record is six seconds

Another day, another very specific brainteaser that only certain people with a high IQ can solve – and this time it includes finding a flat battery.

Who has put together this challenge then? The Electric Car Scheme has created the tricky brainteaser, challenging you to find the flat battery amongst the others in a picture. It claims the record for someone to be able to spot the odd one out is just six seconds, but you can officially put yourself among those with a high IQ if you can solve it in 38 seconds or less.

So, if you have a spare 30 seconds, or maybe longer if you don’t back yourself enough, put everything aside and see how well you can do. Sorry if it turns out your IQ isn’t all up to that much.

Get your stopwatch ready, and see if you can spot the flat battery in the brainteaser below:

dead battery brainteaser, optical illusion, task

I’ve stared at this image for so long and now batteries mean nothing to me. The mix of all the lines, and some being green and some being red is really sending my brain into a spiral. Great!

No cheating, but if you haven’t managed to solve it, here is the answer – because it would be mean for me to put this here and not tell you where to find it. The flat battery is on the right-hand side of the image, in the centre row.

dead battery brainteaser, optical illusion, task

Did you get it in time? If you say you did, sorry but I simply don’t believe you.

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