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The Kate Middleton pics might have been grainy but these 10 memes are clearly hilarious

A pap shot has never been blurrier

The internet was once again sent into a frenzy of Kate Middleton conspiracies on Monday when the Princess of Wales was “spotted” for the first time since she vanished from public life over two months ago on Christmas Day after undergoing an “abdominal surgery”.

The grainy photos of Kate, taken by an allegedly unauthorised paparazzi, show her – shades on – in the passenger seat of her mother Carole Middleton’s Audi taking a drive near Windsor Castle, TMZ has reported.

But thanks to the poor quality of the pics and Kate’s hefty sunglasses, the whole of X/Twitter is convinced something is a bit suss about the whole outing. So, in case you’re confused too, here are all the best memes about Kate Middleton’s first sighting since Christmas:











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