Dramatic ‘I do nots’ and walk outs: Predicting the Love Is Blind season six wedding chaos

Jimmy is about to RUN

It’s finally the time we’ve all been waiting for: The Love Is Blind season six weddings. The rest of the show is all just build up for the ultimate episode drop, when we get to see who will say “I do” and who will say “I do not”.

There’s been a lot of drama, and to be honest, it’s a wonder any of the couples have even made it to the aisle. Every single year the weddings provide more drama than we could ever imagine, but I’m going to do my very best to predict exactly what is about to go down. So, while you wait for the episodes to drop, here’s a prediction of what we have in store from the Love Is Blind season six weddings.

AD and Clay

Prediction: Both will say “I do”

Love Is Blind season six weddings

via Netflix

As much as I really don’t think any of the couples should end up getting married, I think AD and Clay do actually quite like each other. I think we’ll have a clean “I do” from them both, but if they’ll last in the long-run is another question.

Chelsea and Jimmy

Prediction: She will say “I do”, he will say “I do not”

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This is where the drama of the weddings will fully show itself. The last couple of episodes have been chaos for Chelsea and Jimmy, after he called her clingy and she questioned his relationship with his female friends. Fundamentally, these two have some issues.

Chelsea seems very wanting to make it work, so I think she will say “I do” before Jimmy admits he’s exhausted with it all, and can’t commit to her in return. I can then picture Chelsea having a Gigi in season one type moment, where she storms out the venue and may or may not fall down a mudslide in her dress (weather permitting).

Amy and Johnny

Prediction: She will say “I do”, he will say “I do not”

Love Is Blind season six weddings

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Every season there has to be a shocker, and I think this year it’s going to fall at the hands of our golden couple, Amy and Johnny. So far they haven’t really given us much cause for concern, which means one thing and one thing only: Their designated dose of drama must come at the wedding.

I see a Sal and Mallory style arc for these two, where Amy might say yes before Johnny then says no. He won’t be savage and say no and end it, but instead he’ll give some long-winded emotional speech about how much he loves her, but they’re just not ready to get married now.

I can’t wait to see it all!

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