One Day orange peel theory

Aw, the cast of One Day spoke about TikTok’s viral orange peel theory being used in the show

This is too cute

There are a lot of cute scenes and moments in One Day, as much as there are heartbreaking ones, but those of us who spend an unhealthy amount of time scrolling through the TikTok For You Page noticed a really nice viral theory made it into One Day – the orange peel theory.

The orange peel theory is basically about the trust you have in your relationship. The theory says that if your partner peels your orange for you without having to be asked, even though you can easily do it yourself, it’s a sign that they truly love and care for you. This means that we unconsciously decide that we can ask them for bigger and more meaningful favours in the future and trust enough that they will do them.

It’s basically testing the waters of what they’ll do for you with something small and trivial like peeling an orange to test if you can ask them for a much bigger favour. If they do the favour, it’s a sign the person really loves and cares for you. It’s all about doing something for the other person just because you can, not because you have to.

Ambika Mod and Leo Woodall, who play Emma and Dexter in the acclaimed Netflix adaptation of One Day, spoke about the orange peel theory making the show in an interview. Leo Woodall says “I’ve only just been made aware of this theory, but I have seen it.” Ambika says “Orange peel theory? What’s that?”

Leo says “It’s basically would you peel an orange for your partner.” The interviewer explains “It’s like if you caringly peel an orange for your partner it shows that it’s true love, because you put a lot of dedication and thought into it and you don’t want all the little bits. It’s in the series as well”

Ambika says “Aww, that’s so cute!” Bless them. Really got a hankering for an orange now.

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