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Brittany and Kenneth ended their Love is Blind engagement after she stopped ‘craving’ him

But Kenneth saw his ‘forever with Brittany’

Out of all of the couples on Love is Blind, I really thought Brittany and Kenneth were going to go all the way to the altar but sadly the two decided to end their engagement.

Once the two returned from their honeymoon in the Dominican Republic, Brittany tearfully admitted to Kenneth that she no longer “craved” him and thought it was best if they ended their relationship and stopped filming for Love is Blind.

In an interview, Kenneth and Brittany explained why they decided to end their Love is Blind engagement, and safe to say spoilers ahead if you’re not fully caught up with the newest episodes yet!

Kenneth and Brittany ‘hit it off’ immediately in the Love is Blind pods

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Brittany explained how they “hit it off, like, day one.” Kenneth confirmed that by the third or fourth day in the pods, he wasn’t interested in getting to know anyone else. After getting engaged AD asked Kenneth about whether he thought Brittany would be prepared to raise biracial children. Kenneth said the talk “was needed. It was something that did not give me any second thoughts. It actually affirmed me.”

As for Brittany’s response to the conversation, Kenneth adds, “Seeing her just be so confident in perspective around our race was like, ‘And this is why you’re my person.'”

But once they returned from their honeymoon Kenneth was purely focused on his phone

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But once the two Love is Blind lovebirds returned from their honeymoon they encountered some bumps in their relationship after Kenneth was shown focusing on his phone rather than paying attention to Brittany.

Kenneth admitted: “It seemed like I was just on my phone all the time. I said to myself, ‘Ken, this is ridiculous. I cannot believe you’re doing that. Anytime I’m in a conversation and I unpack it, it seems like I’m retreating. And I’m actually not retreating. I’m actually internally processing and not responding impulsively.

“What I did not consider was, if I’m talking to someone and I just start being quiet, they’re like, ‘Hello? Are you here with me right now? Are you here?’ And I meant nothing ill by it. That’s just my way of processing. It’s just another lesson I’ve learned.”

Eventually, Brittany realised she no longer ‘craved’ Kenneth

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And whilst Brittany didn’t think Kenneth was being “disrespectful” by being on his phone she admitted she no longer felt a “crave” for Kenneth, ending their Love is Blind engagement.

Kenneth explained how “hard” it was to hear that from Brittany. He said: “Hearing that, ‘I don’t have that craving for you anymore.’ As hard as it was to hear it, I had to respect it. I was like, ‘No! I still crave you. I still want you. I still want you to be my person. I’m still with you.’ I had to respect it because there was no point in going through with it.”

Kenneth ‘saw his forever’ with Brittany and was ready to marry his Love is Blind fiance

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“I was so committed. I saw my forever with Brittany. I really did. We needed to have that moment of her being that direct with me of being like, ‘I don’t feel this way that I used to and I need you to hear that.'”

And though they didn’t speak for a few weeks following the split, Brittany shares that they have stayed in touch.

“We actually decided the night that we ended our intimate relationship that we would actually remain friends,” she says. “Although we did drift apart, we learned so much. And I think I can speak for both of us, we’re so thankful for the process and how it went and how it was handled.”

“We’re still super close because we just have a larger understanding of who we are,” Kenneth adds.

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