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Guys, JJ and Katie Price are on holiday together right now, and here’s the proof

The soft launch is upon us

Okay, everyone remain calm but JJ and Katie Price are 100 per cent on holiday together, and here’s the cold hard proof. There’s a lot of proof through Instagram sleuthing and small clues they thought we wouldn’t pick up on, so despite Katie Price saying she “doesn’t have a boyfriend” the evidence suggests otherwise.

JJ sat next to someone wearing the exact same snowsuit Katie Price was wearing

Via Instagram

MAFS groom JJ was seen sitting on a ski chairlift with four other people, including someone sitting to his left with a distinctive purple snowsuit with pink knees, one that looks remarkably similar to one Katie Price has worn.

In a previous picture on her Instagram Katie is seen wearing the exact same snowsuit, it’s all adding up.

Both staying at the same resort

Via Instagram

JJ is staying at a ski resort in Bansko, Bulgaria and Katie not only revealed she was going away on a skiing holiday in a recent podcast episode but they’ve actually been pictured together.

The owner of Banso Apartments on Facebook shared a selection of selfies of him with Katie Price and JJ on the slopes. Presumably, they are staying in his holiday apartment which is a two-bedroom, two-bathroom self-catering apartment which sleeps six, enough room for Katie Price, JJ and her kids.

The apartment is situated in the heart of Bansko near the slopes, and seems the perfect place for a romantic snowy getaway.

Via Facebook

Same coat, a coincidence? I think not!

Katie Price JJ

JJ shared another picture of his holiday on his Instagram story, and in the top there’s a very distinct coat pattern. In fact, it’s remarkably similar to one Katie was wearing last year, and seems very warm – perfect for keeping cosy on the slopes.

You can’t deny the evidence it really does seem they’re both on holiday together and perhaps once they return they will officially announce their relationship!

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Featured image via Instagram and Facebook