Inside Alex Cooper and Matt Kaplan's engagement

Tropical islands and five-carat diamonds: Inside Alex Cooper’s rich AF engagement

Call Her Mrs Kaplan x

Alex Cooper might be all over your TikTok and podcast feed as the host of Call Her Daddy, but did you know about her engagement to Matt Kaplan? Known for interviewing huge stars like Jane Fonda, Paris Hilton and Trisha Paytas, Alex, known as Father Cooper to her dedicated listeners, is one of the biggest names in podcasting, and she is about to mark a huge milestone by marrying Matt, a film producer. Here is a sneak peek inside their engagement after Matt asked Alex to be his bride last year.

Alex Cooper got a huge engagement ring after Matt Kaplan got down on one knee last March

The five-carat oval-cut sparkler that Matt gave to Alex was designed by LA jewellery designer Jenna Blake. She enthused about how it was “such a treat” to bring it to life for Alex via her Instagram Story.

Jenna Blake Jewelry

 Matt played Adele and lit dozens of candles

Alex told W magazine all about the moment, explaining how he had put “photos and mementos’ from their time together all around their home in Studio City, California. There two dogs were involved and got dressed up in bow ties. Eventually, he “got down on one knee and said, ‘You’re my soulmate, the love of my life. You make me a better man. Please do me the honor of marrying me,” to which Alex simply and honestly responded “yes” with tears in her eyes. The whole thing concluded with partying the night away with all their friends at The Four Seasons in Bel-Air.

Alex revealed the thing that changed her fined was their “really great dynamic early on”, a key element that missing in other boyfriends. She cited how they “overcommunicate” as a huge green flag for her. This combined with being “so supportive of her career” was just the icing on top of the cake.

“A lot of men in my past were really intimidated by my success. They tried to suppress what I was doing or make me feel bad about it. Matt has always been my biggest supporter. It’s very attractive to have a man not be intimidated by a woman’s extreme success,” she said to W.

They are trying really hard to make the whole engagement a family affair

Last week, Alex and Matt threw a party to include his 100-year-old grandmother in the celebrations as, according to an Instagram post, she “sadly won’t be able to travel to” their big day.

They want their wedding to be calm, no matter how stressful the planning may be

Alex and Matt have settled on a tropical island vacation vibe for their wedding as they want to make sure its not packed out with potential interlopers. They thought about having it in London, Tennessee or somewhere in Utah.  Speaking last August on an episode of Call Her Daddy, Alex said of her upcoming ceremony: “I don’t want it to be somewhere people can publicly consume our wedding. I don’t need Uncle Marty on his retirement trip in the background snorkeling belly up holding a fucking piña colada in my shot,” before adding that she hopes to be “present”.

“It’s so important to me that Matt and I actually have this day to ourselves,” Alex said. “I would rather have every fucking person at our wedding have the worst goddamn time and Matt and I fucking thrive.”

She also discussed how she was “freaking out”and “having a mental breakdown” with it all.

Alex brought her followers along to try to find a dress

On her Instagram, she posted a snap of herself looking at a rack of gowns with a glass of champagne in her hands with the caption: “Let’s do this”.

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