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It is widely accepted that Dakota Johnson is a certified nepo baby. Don’t you dare ask her about it; she’ll probably kick off, like the other day when she said it was “incredibly annoying” to be asked about it during the Madame Web press tour. However, what is “boring” about having a Hollywood lineage like hers? However, it is one of those things that gets thrown around without much explanation. So, it seems apt to break down exactly who makes up the famous family of Dakota Johnson.

Tippi Hedren

Dakota’s maternal grandmother was a muse to Alfred Hitchcock, starring in films of his like The Birds.  After semi-retiring from acting, Tippi became known for having an array of Big Cats living in her home. Think Carole Baskin, but if she was a former 60s screen siren.

Melanie Griffith

Dakota’s mother is the actress Melanie Griffiths. Among her long list of movie credits, her most famous is Working Girl. Her father was advertising executive Peter Griffith. Despite a stint as a Broadway child actor, he was relatively a normie despite his eight-year marriage to Tippi between 1952 and 1960. According to Melanie’s Instagram, she must have bonded with Jamie Lee Curtis about having mothers who worked with Alfred Hitchcock. Jamie Lee is the daughter of Psycho star Janet Leigh.

Don Johnson

Dakota’s father, Don, got his big break in the classic 80s television show Miami Vice (ask your father). The day he, aged 23, whisked a 15-year-old Melanie away to live with him would have spurred on one of the most riotous days of Twitter age gap discourse. This would be if the former bird app, now known as X, would have existed in 1973. Dakota’s parents married in 1976 before splitting that same year. They walked down the aisle again in 1989, the year Dakota was born. Melanie and Don ended things for a second time in 1996.

Antonio Banderas

Dakota’s ex-step-father Antonio was married to Melanie from 1996 to 2015. Along with his, he has also peppered many of our childhoods with starring roles in Spy Kids, Puss in Boots and The Mask of Zorro.

Stella Banderas

The half-sister of Dakota does not make her a nepo baby, but Stella has always ventured into the world of acting. She is a model and Instagram influencer who is often seen at fashion shows across Europe.

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