Um, a grad dressed up as Jacob Elordi in Saltburn wearing a full-on inflatable bath on the tube

Barry slurping VK out of the costume not pictured

First we had Jacob Elordi bathwater candles and other unhinged Saltburn merch, then we got Jacob Elordi actually grabbing someone by the throat after he asked him for some of his bathwater. Yikes.

But now one girl dressed up as Jacob Elordi in the bath for a Saltburn-themed club night and I’m kinda obsessed.

Charlotte is a Loughborough grad and spent £50 on the inflatable Jacob Elordi costume for a Saltburn-themed club night at Club de Fromage in London.

The costume was made up of a big inflatable bath with a rubber duck, a t-shirt with a big ol’ six-pack and a Jacob Elordi mask.

She even won a limbo competition in the costume and got a bathwater cocktail as her prize. I really really don’t wanna know what was in that cocktail tbh.

Charlotte told The Tab: “It was such a great night they played all the songs from Saltburn! There was even a limbo competition which I won even with my bath tub. My prize was to drink a bathwater cocktail.”

The costume cost her about £50 in total from Amazon but she said it was “worth it for the fun we had”.

Jacob Elordi costume

She originally posted a TikTok of her in the costume on the tube, obviously soundtracked to Sophie Ellis Bextor’s Murder on the Dancefloor. The TikTok now has over 2.6 million views and nearly 600k likes.


“The drunk people on the tube found it hilarious but there were also the typical Londoners who aren’t surprised by anything,” she said.

“So many people asked to take photos with me it was so much fun and the potential embarrassment was worth making so many people laugh!”

Jacob Elordi costume

Charlotte said she is a massive Saltburn fan: “I loved Saltburn! It’s definitely got its moments but I think it’s brilliant. Definitely one of those films that you can’t stop thinking about for a while.”

Gonna need someone to make a Barry Keoghan one to match ASAP.

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