Jacob Elordi attack

Reporter claims Jacob Elordi ‘grabbed him by the throat’ after he asked for his bathwater

When will the Saltburn suffering end

Fans were shocked this weekend when reports emerged that Jacob Elordi, the internet’s favourite so-called “baby girl” heart throb had supposedly “grabbed” a journalist by the “throat” after he came up to him in the street and started asking for some of his (Saltburn reference) bathwater.

The altercation allegedly happened in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs on Saturday afternoon and New South Wales Police have confirmed an investigation is underway after a 32-year-old was allegedly assaulted by a 26-year-old.

Discussing the incident on air, the radio producer from KIIS FM, Joshua Fox, said he’d approached Jacob outside the Clovelly Hotel and asked for the bathwater as a gift for his co-host. He then claimed Jacob got “up in his face” and “backed him against a wall” while two male friends stood either side so he couldn’t walk away and demanded he delete the footage he’d been filming.

According to Joshua, when he refused to delete his video, Jacob started “acting aggressively” before he “flipped” and grabbed him by the throat before his friends pulled him away. “[He told me], ‘Make sure that video goes nowhere. Make sure you tell no one about this’, making me shake his hand. Again, I felt intimidated by it,” Joshua said on his radio show.

Before the altercation, Jacob can be seen asking Joshua if he’s filming and saying: “Can you not, man, please?”

The incident has had an intense reaction amongst Jacob’s fans who, Joshua claims, are now sending him death threats on social media: “Overnight I’ve had to lock all my socials because I’m getting death threats, hate, from his fans because no one knows the full story,” he said on air today.

Joshua has been criticised for approaching Jacob while he was out with friends and filming him without permission. “The quickest I’ve sided with a celebrity,” one person wrote. “So, we calling paparazzi reporters now?” another added. “Dude didn’t have any injuries and was provoking him lmfao.”

Jacob Elordi is yet to comment on the claims.

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