Saltburn Jacob Elordi candle

Um, you can now buy a Saltburn inspired ‘Jacob Elordi bathwater’ scented candle

I really don’t want to know what the ingredients are

If you’ve watched that Saltburn bath scene with Jacob Elordi then you’ll either have been horrified or have completely understood where Oliver was coming from. Whatever you thought, you can now buy your very own Jacob Elordi bathwater-scented candle, inspired by the saucy Saltburn scene.

And of course, they’re available on Etsy because all slightly cursed gifts are. 

Yes, that’s right it’s the perfect gift for every person in your life, and just what the world was crying out for. And yes, all of the candles are coloured white, if you know you know.

Via Etsy

One candle called “Felix Cattons’ Bathwater” candle is available to buy for £26.40 on Etsy. It’s described as: “There’s nothing quite like the smell of a quality candle, particularly when that smell is inspired by Felix Catton and what we imagine His Highness to smell like. 

“Is it the sweet smell of Vanilla? A warm spicy scent? A gentle sea breeze? With 3 scents to choose from, the candle itself is made 100% with a natural soy wax blend and cotton wick. Inspired by the fantastic film Saltburn!”

I’m sorry but if someone picks the salty sea breeze scent then you know immediately what they wanted from this candle and that deserves jail time. 

Still, if you’ve got a friend who is obsessed with Jacob Elordi, or you want to awkwardly introduce your mother-in-law to the delights of Saltburn, then maybe this candle is the move. 

And as for the ingredients of the candle, I’m praying the sellers took inspiration in name only from the film. Heaven help us. 

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Featured image via Amazon Prime and Etsy