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These are the UK unis everyone is obsessing over right now, based on Wikipedia views

As if Oxford needed more bragging rights

When you’re 17 just trying to get through your A Levels until the day you can finally sip on a blue VK in a shitty uni club smoking area, you mostly go about picking your uni off vibes.

Okay yeah, you might go for the ones that do highest in the league tables, in which case you’ll probably be needing the list of the easiest Oxbridge subjects to get into, or go for the uni city with the cheapest night out. But which UK unis are actually the most popular? Which unis are people frantically Googling to see if it will make them look cool on the gram?

Well, by looking at the total number of Wikipedia page views for each university, we can work out which UK unis people are obsessing over the most.

So these are officially the UK unis that are the most popular, according to Wikipedia views:

10. University of Glasgow

Kicking off with the 10th most popular UK uni, 226,842 people had their eyes on the Glasgow Wikipedia page last year, averaging at around 620 a day.

9. University of Manchester

As the ninth most popular UK uni, Manchester had 258,780 Wiki views in 2023 with a 708 daily average.

8. Imperial College London

Imperial might be one of the most oversubscribed Russell Group unis, but according to Wikipedia, it’s the seventh most popular. 284,296 people stalked Imperial’s Wiki last year which works out at 779 a day.

7. King’s College London

Coming below both LSE and UCL in the popularity rankings, King’s had 342,443 Wikipedia views in 2023, working out at an average of 938 people a day.

6. University of Edinburgh

Edinburgh had a total of 344,433 page views in 2023 which works out at a 944 daily average of people looking up its pretty buildings.

5. University of St Andrews

Famously the uni that Prince William and Kate attended and often beating Oxford and Cambridge in league tables, St Andrews is the fifth most popular uni. An average of 959 people looked up the uni on Wikipedia per day with it having a 2023 total of 349,988 people.

4. London School of Economics

Just beaten by UCL, 496,448 people were Googling LSE last year with an average of 1,360 every single day.

3. University College London

The third most popular uni according to Wikipedia, 582,517 people wanted to read all about UCL in 2023. This is around 1,596 people every day.

2. University of Cambridge

Always second to Oxford, Cambridge is the second most popular uni according to Wikipedia views. 995,733 people stalked Cambridge’s Wiki page in 2023, which works out at around 2,728 every day.

1. University of Oxford

In a shock to absolutely no one, people were the most curious about Oxford last year. With 1,353,397 Wikipedia views in total that leaves an average of 3,708 people Googling all about Oxford every single day.

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