MAFS UK differences pictures

Only a true MAFS fan can spot all the differences between these two pics in under 15 seconds

One of them was so hard to spot!

Now, you might think you’re the ultimate MAFS UK superfan, but are you ready to have your skills put to the test by finding the six differences between these two pictures of Luke from MAFS UK?

Whilst some of the differences between the two pictures are easy to spot, some of them are as hard as trying to work out who appeared on MAFS UK for fame and who was on the experiment for love.

And on top of trying to find the six differences, you can only call yourself a true MAFS UK superfan if you’re able to spot them all in under seconds, so get that timer on and start spotting!

So, can you spot the six differences between these two MAFS UK pictures?

Via ITV & The Tab

Take as long as you need, and remember that some of the differences might be hiding in plain sight! If you’re feeling stuck, or want to check to see if you found all the differences? Then simply check the answers below.

Spoiler alert: Stop scrolling unless you want to see the differences between these two MAFS UK pictures revealed

The differences are:

  • Luke’s bottom suit button is removed
  • His hand tattoo is no longer there
  • His handkerchief has changed colour
  • His hair has been dyed blonde
  • He has a forehead tattoo
  • There is a ladybug on the right-hand side of Luke on the flowers

If you managed to spot them all in under 15 seconds you’re a certified MAFS UK superfan!

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Featured image via ITV before edits