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Okay, so how much money from drug smuggling did Griselda really make in her entire life?

Spoiler alert, it’s an insane amount


If you’ve watched Griselda on Netflix it’s pretty obvious she was absolutely loaded. But how rich was Griselda exactly, and more specifically how much money did she make in her life?

Well, according to The Daily Mail, her cocaine smuggling operation netted her around $80 million (£62,880,000) per month, meaning Griselda could have been making around $950,000,000 per year.

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Okay, so we’ve established she was really rich but how much was Griselda making in one day? On average there are 30 days per month which would mean at her peak Griselda was making $2.6 million in just one day, no wonder she got so rich!

Griselda’s business operation was so successful that she was offered $15 million to give up her territory in the early 1980’s but refused. Considering she could make that money in just over one week by keeping her territory it makes sense that she refused the deal.

Griselda rich money one day

Via Netflix

Throughout her life, Griselda made a total of over $2 billion from a combination of her business and various properties, which was even more than Pablo Escobar. She’s the only female to have made it into the top ten richest drug smugglers.

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