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Jake says Liberty had a ‘gameplan’ to make him ‘look like a villain’ in Love Island: All Stars

He called her ‘sour’ and ‘bitter’

Jake Cornish dramatically quit the Love Island: All Stars villa last week after being “shocked” to see his ex-girlfriend Liberty Poole. And it seems he still doesn’t have the highest opinion of her, as in a podcast with The Sun, Jake revealed what he really thinks Liberty thought of him.

Jake says that he thought Liberty seemed “bitter” and “sour” and that she had a gameplan to cast him as a villain in the Love Island: All Stars villa.

Jake said: “I felt like it was a bit sour. Like, oh here he is. Let’s go at him again. In reality, I’ve grown up, I’ve matured in two years.

“So when it was them faces, and the comments of like ‘he gives me the ick’, I took on the chin, I’m not going to cry about it. Whereas obviously the conversation we had, she said, ‘I feel like you’re ignoring me’ – it was just the way she come into the conversation, was just a bit bitter.”

When he was asked if he was made to look like the villain, Jake said: “When I seen her from the get-go, it took me back a bit, like here we go again. It was a bit depleting. It felt like, oh it’s happening again.

“That was the first conversation we had, and I just think, if you’ve matured, and we’ve got no bad blood, you’d have a conversation about ‘how are you getting on’, and hope you’re okay and stuff. Whereas hers was, ‘I feel like you’re ignoring me’.”

He added: “I knew straight away they were gonna put me and Lib together, because… Listen! It could have been drama. It could have been fine. But I know the British public way too well!”

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